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My Testimony
  • Artist: Bishop Og Freeze
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 659057730028
  • Item #: CDBY773002
  • Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
  • Release Date: 4/8/2003
  • This product is a special order
Price: $18.73
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My Testimony on CD

THE ARTIST The Artist Behind The Music Bishop O.G. Freeze was born Dwayne Parker in Bradenton Florida. Dwayne fell in love with the Lord Jesus Christ at the age of 12 and even won a contest at church for bringing the most people to service. The devil had apparently peeked into Dwayne's future for he did not hesitate to begin to kill, steal and destroy the love and passion Dwayne had in his heart for Jesus. Unfortunately the tool the devil used was Dwayne's stepfather, who taught him how to hold a gun, sell drugs and to do other crimes. Dwayne was eventually incarcerated and spent the better part of 10 years of his life in and out of prison. During one of the periods he was out, Dwayne was exposed to and then got involved with gangs. Dwayne was drawn into repentance by God the Father in his prison cell one day in 2000. Dwayne got on his knees and asked the Lord Jesus Christ to come into his heart and change him from his wicked ways and break the curse of crime in his life. God in His infinite grace and mercy granted Dwayne repentance and Dwayne received Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Dwayne is now known as Bishop O.G. FREEZE. God has turned around his life from 'Crime to Christ', from 'Gangs to God', and from'Prison to Praise' Bishop O.G. FREEZE has a new burning passion of fire in his heart once again for the Lord Jesus Christ. He is currently the overseer of the anointed ministry of 'True Men of God', who use their gifts and talents to reach thugs, gangsters, hustlers and prostitutes with the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is this grace that represents Our Father's will and Christ's authority over the power of darkness. It is also this grace that brings us into a closer relationship with Our God, thereby enabling us to become very effective ministers of the GOOD NEWS, THE TRUTH, THE GOSPEL. Bishop Og Freeze has been set free from crime to Christ, from gangs to God and from prison to Praise. The Lord Jesus is providing each one of these saints prosperity in ministering the Word of God, the Grace to do His will, wisdom in what and how to speak and Holy Spirit power to effectively spread the Gospel. May God continue to bless Bishop Og Freeze....Bishop Og Freeze WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL THE SAINTS WHO HAVE MADE THIS CD A SUCCESS, GOD IS DEFINITELY BLESSING THIS MINISTRY, NOW WE NEED YOUR HELP TO GET THIS MINISTRY TO YOUR AREA FOR A LIVE CONCERT. GOD REALLY MOVES THREW THIS MAN OF GOD, YOKES ARE BROKEN, SOULS ARE SAVED AND SET FREE, THREW THIS ANOITED MAN OF GOD AND HIS MUSIC.. THE YOUTH ARE REALLY DRAWN TO THIS KIND OF WORSHIP AND PRAISE, DON'T MISS GOD BY BEING TRADITIONAL, LET US PARTNER WITH YOU TO WIN SOULS FOR THE KINGDOME OF HEAVEN, THE WORD SAYS IN PROV 11;30 THE FRUIT OF THE RIGHTEOUS IS A TREE OF LIFE, AND HE WHO WINS SOULS IS WISE...AMEN FOR BOOKING CONTACT FROM CRIME TO CHRIST MINISTRIES @ 253-212-3088.. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS.....

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