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Ode to Lisbon
  • Artist: Bishop Saynomore
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 884501167765
  • Item #: 642616X
  • Genre: International
  • Release Date: 1/1/2009
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Ode to Lisbon on CD

Inspired by his recent visit to Lisbon, Portugal for the Christmas Holidays, Bishop Saynomore has made an album that puts the things he saw, smelled, and dreamed about while visiting this beautiful country. Each song is a tribute to how he felt when he visited different places in the city: 'Sintra Sonata, 'Glory of Cristo Rei', 'Green Wine', just to name a few. If you have never been to Portugal then this album will take your spirit there. So, relax, close your eyes, and let Bishop Saynomore elevate your mind to distant lands! Album Review: Bishop Saynomore, a striving young artist from Washington D.C., has always spoken differently than everyone else in music. Deeply inspired by eighties pop music, Saynomore has taken his inspiration by Prince and Michael Jackson even further. The keywords aren't just the natural evolution of sound, melody, instruments or arrangements that would be expected. What makes Bishop different are the meanings of his music, the subjects he focuses on, the contents of his lyrics, and ultimately the message conveyed in it. Profoundly mirroring his experience of a young American Soldier serving abroad, his sound is by nature insightful, intimate, sometimes almost dark, but always filled with faith, love and sharing. These are values that have always been present in his everyday life, which puts us face to face with our destiny as Mankind. His first two albums, If U Dare and Giant Rainbows and Sunlight (both albums yet to be officially released), talk about just that, in the key of a particular genre that could be called "Spiritual Pop Music". In a somewhat alternative way, mixing influences and starting to show personal growth, these two previous works are danceable and quite fun. But now, there's Ode to Lisbon. This album is the definite proof of growth and evolution of this artist. Now we see that Saynomore is no longer a child... The instruments are different and deep. The melodies are subtle, but no longer dark. The arrangements are based upon Classical influences, it's a full sheet music album. Michael Jackson and Prince start to fade away. Vangelis and Yanni appear and become the new masters... The feel of the music has changed as well. The Album starts off with a powerful thought provoking message by saying that GOD IS IN MUSIC, but the message is put through softly and certainly not aggressive. Songs like Sintra Sonata and Cold Winter Day are incredibly luminous and blatantly moving towards a higher light. It's amazing how far it takes us to another place, to another time even more distant than Sintra, the inspiring place to which the song is dedicated. The end of the album is glorious as The Glory of Cristo Rei and Sunset in Cascais are the perfect arrival songs. The perfect ending to a magical Time and Space travel. Saynomore is still on his way, but this work is a wonderful view of his course through life. Let's see where he takes us next! ~Review written by Sara Taborda.

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