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Disappointed Audiofaze
  • Artist: The Bittersoundfase
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 786137187721
  • Item #: SRD718772
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 8/20/2002
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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Disappointed Audiofaze on CD

Genre: (Universal) Alternative Rock! The Bittersoundfase often gets labeled as a band or a group of members. The reality is, The Bittersoundfase is really more like a solo project. Whenever a show arises, RF (aka) Rick Freimuth must quickly assemble a back up band to do the job. Whatever your listening pleasures may be, The Bittersoundfase delivers a combination of both quirky and dramatization to the table. From the new 2010 album release (Caught in the cycle) featuring (Give me a gun, Caught in the cycle & Gingerbread man), currently rising on the charts on (Songvault.FM, Reverbnation, and some other various College, high school & Internet stations), to the 2002 album release (disappointed audiofaze), featuring (Fly in a room, Why i pretend, and Police cover song S.O.S. Message in a bottle), which rose to the top ten charts on ( back in 2003. The ending result earned The Bittersoundfase some record sales into the thousands. After a three year hiatus due to a mysterious vertigo illness, Rick Freimuth continues to write, record and produce all of the bittersoundfase's music Along with occasional guest musicians (Dan Quimby, James Freimuth, Ronn Chick, Burke Harris, Parker Mann and lyricist Sarah Hilsen), just to name a few. After spending years studying (drums, guitars, lead & backing vocals, keyboards, strings, Cellos and all other various special effects), RF (aka) Rick Freimuth decided to put together his own collection of recordings. Rick Freimuth has also just recently recorded his first television interview for a new local cable access show called (Metro talent show) hosted by one of his very own brothers (Wilson Freimuth)! The show will be aired in and around the Portland, OR, metropolitan area sometime within the next few months. The show will be a three to four part series including a live performance with back up band (The Shatterbrains) along with a new music video & behind the scenes from inside the recording studio cuts. The Bittersoundfase was originally formed in the summer of 1999 by ex-(Silent Opera)-drummer/back-up singer, Rick Freimuth. (Silent Opera) also had some minor success when the project had some national radio exposure back in 1997-1998 in the (Hot AC) radio market thanks to well known radio promoter (Paul Logginns). Keep your eyes open and your ears tuned in to various streaming Internet and intercom radio stations for The Bittersoundfase. Band Members: RF (aka) Rick Freimuth / Lead vocals, Background vocals, Rhythm guitars, Lead guitars, Keyboards, Cello, Piano, Bass, Drums, Percussion and all other strange noises! Additional guest musicians: James Freimuth, Dan Quimby, Ronn Chick, Parker Mann & Burke Harris! The Bittersoundfase sounds like a unique combination of Narrative, Attractive, Mellow yet Heavy hitting Soundwaves to the ears. Mellow, Heavy, Electronic, Drama, Comical and Quirky. No two tracks ever sound alike. Every song from this artist has a different sound to it. The Bittersoundfase ---- Definition: One or more persons no longer enjoying what they are currently listening to. Assembly line cloned music that sounds almost exactly like last months politicaly based assembly line clone band is starting to give me Bittersoundfase! Sounds like: (The Bittersoundface)! But really spelled like (The Bittersoundfase)! Band Website: The Bittersoundfase has an attractive blend of both sonic alt rock as well as a diversified heavy style called Narrative Acid Rock. Check out the 2002 release from The Bittersoundfase entitled 'disappointed audiofaze.' A must for your collection. Also stay tuned in for some new singles from the band coming very soon. R.F. aka (Rick Freimuth) and the bittersoundfase have been in the studio working on a new album due out sometime in the summer of 2008. Until then keep your ears tuned in for some great new singles.