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  • Artist: Bittybox
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 700261210483
  • Item #: CDBY121048
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2/27/2007
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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Smalltime on CD

'Smalltime' is the first full length CD release from Bittybox, the solo studio project of singer songwriter Vicki Silbert. 'Smalltime' travels some unexpected musical paths. Although the recordings began as an electronic project, the songs had a mind of their own. The end result is an album that combines computer sequencing and acoustic instruments with stylistic influences from the 1940's, the 1960's and today. The term bittybox comes from computer hacker slang for an old, slow, underpowered computer, which seemed an apt analogy for a digital audio project begun with no budget and minimal gear. The Bittybox project began on a home computer, using Digital Performer audio recording software. Eventually the project was ported into ProTools for recording additional session players and final mixes. Some illustrious musicians made guest appearances on the CD, including performances from drummer Jimmy Paxson, and legendary Viola player Novi Novog. Vicki's music career began on the fringes of the LA club scene during the Los Angeles punk rock movement. This was where she first found her voice as a singer songwriter. Over the years her song writing has deepened and matured, but her music still retains that DIY attitude and rebellious spirit, refusing to be pigeonholed. ============= Personnel on the Smalltime CD are: Vicki Silbert: Songwriting, Vocals, Sequencing, Additional Guitar Tracks Final tracking & mixes engineered by Myke Aaron, of SoundCubed Studios in Hollywood, CA. Additional tracking by Jim Watson of Sonic Blender, Santa Monica, CA. Ken Lasaine: Electric Guitar Novi Novog: Viola Maurice Gainen: Sax & Flute Dennis Murphy: Electric Bass Trevor Ware: Acoustic Bass Jimmy Paxson: Percussion & Drums Jim Watson: Additional Drums =============.