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Broken Heart Express
  • Artist: BJ Cooper
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479472374
  • Item #: SRD947237
  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 1/30/2007
  • This product is a special order
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Broken Heart Express on CD

BJ Cooper & The Broken Heart Express Band's Newsletter Genre: Variety (Eclectic) Hometown: Victorville, California The bottom line to success in the music business is whether or not the Artist has "The Voice" and the Charisma to Charm and Entertain a Cache of Fans. That being said, let's talk about BJ Cooper and his musical style. Is it country? Not exactly. It's not Blues, Jazz, Rock 'N' Roll, Soul or the Spiritual sound either? BJ Cooper incorporates all of America's favorite styles into his own Eclectic Sound. The proof is in the Music (or pudding if you so desire). Just listen to his style in "I've Said it a Million Times." This song would have made Billy Eckstein or Frank Sinatra proud. The women of America would have fallen in love with their lovers all over again; just like it was the first time. BJ Cooper reaches into America's heart and re-kindled the lost love. Looking for new sounds and excitement? Go no further than BJ Cooper's "Cowboy Rock And Roll". This song is guaranteed to bring the old folks off their seats and onto the dance floor with the youn'ins. Bj has the style that all age groups enjoy and he's got a fanatic following that just can't get enough. His CD, "Broken Heart Express" is a prime example of what BJ Cooper can do. Let's hear what other have to say about the songs of BJ Cooper & The Broken Heart Express Band This song starts out with a catchy little guitar lick and never loses it's hook. The vocals are distinct, evoking a bluesy Tom Waits, with a touch of Jim Morrison. And a horn-section to boot! I can imagine many a late nights partying with these guys...lots of fun! - backtoblue from Dallas, Texas on 31Jan2007 Southern Rock, Hell Yeah! Oh yes, you can not beat good ol' southern rock & blues music. I love all the instrumentation in this song. The guitars, bass, drums & vocals are all sweet, but you have to love the horn section in this song, great stuff, makes you think of stuff coming straight out of New Orleans. The sax solo near the end is awesome! Nicely done & very cool. Opening guitar riff to the song is killer, sets the scene for the rest of the song to leave a lasting impression. Only thing that I somewhat didn't care for was the chorus sounds less intimidating than the rest of the song. The verse is very seductive & pleasing to the ears, but the chorus seems to be less of that and I wanted it to sustain that same sneaky presence of the song. Vocals are very good at setting the entire mood of the song, well done cept for the chorus, they're good vocals, but they're just not as sweet as they are during the verses. I could see people hearing this in a nightclub or bar in the future. It gives you the a good visual of a nightclub bar with the room all Smokey & pin stripe suits and listening to some good bluesy rock. Sexy Tune. - Serpentine123 from Unspecified on 22Dec2006 came to get me This bluesy track has an almost southern country rock vibe to it. From the rock edged electric guitar to the minor blues chord progression to the tamber of the lead vocals this thing - to me - screams Montgomery Gentry or the new Van Zant. The song has a great story line and a twist that is, too, remnisiant of the best in country writing. All of the instruments are played and mixed quite well and do my favorite thing - they support the 'song.' Nice tasty organ work - not your typical overused B3 sound - which was refreshing to me. The lead vocalist does a great job of finding the attitude to sell this song and milk the utmost out of every lyric. Good stuff! - deank from Des Moines, Washington on 5Dec2006 WOW!!!! THIS IS A PERFECT SONG. THE GUITARIST HAS SUCH A NICE TOUCH TO HIS GUITAR THAT IF YOU SHUT YOUR EYES YOU CAN SEE THE COMPASION THAT COMES OUT OF HIS FINGERS. THE VOCALIST GIVES HIS HEART AND SOUL TO THIS TUNE, AND TELLS A GREAT STORY IN SONG. GIVE THE BASS PLAYER A RAISE. AND THE DRUMMER COMPLIMENTS NICELY. THE OVERALL PRODUCTION OF THE MIX IS SECOND TO NINE AND THE DYNAMICS ARE ALL PUT IN THE RIGHT PLACES. I LOVE THE HOOK TO THE SONG MAKES YOU WANT TO GET UP AND START BOOGYING AND SINGING THE SONG. THANKS FOR A NICE LISTEN. 5 OUT OF 5 FROM ME. - johncrawford101 from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on 9Jan2007 Full of fun surprises A whole movie inside. Finally a great STORY which has not been on the scene very often in years. You are a master story teller. Thanks for keeping this genre alive. And your sound man there has a nice way of keeping the vocals up there where we can all watch the great movie in our heads. As a lyricist, I appreciate all your words and the overall sound is perfectly mixed. Hell you shouldn't get a Grammy. This song deserves an 'Oscar'. Thanks for the experience. - PeyoteSky from Panama City, Florida on 13Dec2006 I Fought Murphey's Law & The Law Won! The pedal steel and barroom piano in the intro do an effective job of setting up the track. The productions is professional, although it could stand a little more low end to drive the song. The background vocals are excellent and add a lot to the track. The lead vocal is effective and suits the track well. The musicianship is professional and strong across the board. The lyrics are well thought out and funny. OVERALL - very strong track. As it could probably do well on the radio. The only things I would recommend would be much less reverb and effects on the lead vocal so he cuts through more and a little more low end. These would make this already strong track even stronger. - CarlHatmaker from Richmond, Kentucky on 7Feb2007 There's a tear in my beer I wanna get a bunch of my buddies to gather around the bar and sing this together, arm over arm. Great buddy song. And really, what else can you ask for in a great country song? - xxxShakedownxxx from Blacksburg, Virginia on 10Jan2007 Good sad song A great praise/worship song for sure. This is a great song with a great melody. The lryics are mighty fine writing. - PDedrick from Waynesboro, Tennessee on 14Jan2007 _____ COUNTRY, COUNTRY I didn't expect a soft clean vocal as yours. It takes the song where one can understand about everything a bar song shuld be. a super nice production and arrangement. The keys always makes for a gentle sound when needed. The changes in ythe chord progression turned this into a great melody. - TommyAllred from Memphis, Tennessee on 14Jan2007 Good .... ...'Southern Soul/R&B' a-la Clarence Carter, The Lead voice sounds like the guy from Talking Heads (David Byrne, I think...) Great mix, excellent musicianship overall....very professionally done!! - Soulcincy from College Hill, Ohio on 7Dec2006 _____ Soulful and flavourful! No doubt this tune has lots giong for it. I love the horns and the accuracy of their use. They come in right when I want them to. Great guitar playing. The riffs are full and played with some experienced fingers. Almost David Gilmour. Very original lyrics too. A nice mix of everything. Had fun listening to this one and love the ending too. - TTuckwell from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada on 10Dec2006 Nice production Nice to be able to understand vocals. Sounds alot like ROY ORBISON (ONLY THE LONELY in style). You obviously already have a following. I can't believe there is so much talent on here like yours that NEVER gets the respect and air time it desrves. You have the kinda of production they want. You just need more exposure. Persistance futhers! ~~Your lyrics are sad yet hopeful. Very Romantic - PeyoteSky from Panama City, Florida on 8Dec2006 Well... You guys have done a lot of guys come with diverse experiences in music and you guys are good. Neat execution. Nice guitar licks interspersed. A nice minor chord sequence. Beautiful vocal harmonies. Soulful lead vocals. This is good stuff. Got a deal yet? - psychacid from Hyderabad, India on 3Dec2006 Top noch Could swear I heard Roy Orbison in there someplace. Classic style, music accompanies.. does not overshadow, harmony of voices spot on. What to say if musc is meant to be enjoyed then you have hit the mark. - karmamusic from Malmö, Skåne, Sweden on 3Dec2006 gently sung song of angst in a mellow key This was oddly powerful...a slowly built cresendo...the band comes on gently building it up... The background vocals coming on...the violin's subtle appearance..verse by verse......the electric guitar too stays the course...the drums and bass staying real tastily behind everything.This is a real accomplishment to do a steady build on a slow paced tune.It was an musical and lyrical emotional journey well put together which I enjoyed taking - RenoSunday from Wilds Of Northern Ontario, Ontario, Canada on 7Feb2007 Here are some of the awards we have earned from our fans: Guitars & Guns Track of the Day on 30Oct2006 in Blues Rock [Get Award Badge] Best Male Vocals in Blues Rock, week of 23Oct2006 Best Beat in Blues Rock, week of 23Oct2006 Star of the Show ! Track of the Day on 27Jan2007 in Blues Rock [Get Award Badge] Best Keyboards in Blues Rock, week of 22Jan2007 Best Production in Blues Rock, week of 22Jan2007 Best Production in Blues Rock, week of 29Jan2007 Most Original in Blues Rock, week of 22Jan2007 Murphy at Work Track of the Day on 29Oct2006 in Comedy [Get Award Badge] Best Guitars in Comedy, week of 20Nov2006 Best Melody in Comedy, week of 20Nov2006 One More Night Track of the Day on 16Nov2006 in Blues [Get Award Badge] Best Male Vocals in Blues, week of 20Nov2006 Best Female Vocals in Blues, week of 20Nov2006 Best Production in Blues, week of 20Nov2006 Best Lyrics in Blues, week of 20Nov2006 Potential Soundtrack in Blues, week of 20Nov2006 If you like these review we have lots more some great some not so good. But we would rather you hear from the many others who listen to our music than us. We can toot our own horn or let other do it for us. We chose to have them do it for us. So kick back and take a good long listen to our songs and perhaps you to will become an BJ Cooper & The Broken Heart Express Band Fan. Thank You.

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