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  • Artist: Bjorn Lynne
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 5036491100313
  • Item #: SRD911003
  • Genre: Electronic
  • Release Date: 7/13/2004
  • This product is a special order
Price: $21.59
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Colony on CD

Reviews for 'Colony': 'Although I have ordered a couple of CDs from Bjorn's site in the past, this is the first of his albums I have purchased and I'm very impressed. I was (like many others) a huge fan of the Crusaders demos years ago, and I thought it was about time I checked out what 'Dr Awesome' was producing recently. Being mainly a fan of electronica, I was a little worried that there would be too big an emphasis on guitars, but after listening to a couple of tracks I was hooked. Great use of synths and digital effects which blend together creating a superb odyssey that carries you away. There is a diverse range of styles, making for intriguing tracks that never bore. Brilliant. The Tobias Richter artwork and animation for Colony are also superb. - Ben, UK ----------------- Bjorn never ceases to amaze with his diversity, constant progression and remarkably consistent quality. Style-wise, this is pitched in the dead centre of Bjorn's discography: the atmosphere of The Void, the slashing riffs of Revive, a little of the bombastic twists of his fantasy rock, and even a touch of Divinorum (think Talisman's more mellow tracks). Some of it's 'sit back and chill' music, other tracks require more work, but after a few listens you can begin to lose yourself in this cosmi land(?)scape. Highlights for me so far include the opening track, the complex Faces of Fatality (have fun counting the time signatures!) which has a killer middle 8, and One Step to Paradise, which wins an Oscar for Most Appropriate Title. Well done that person who came up with it. Colony is everything a lynnemusic fan could have hoped for, while being constantly surprising at the same time. It might be the album that finally sees Bjorn getting a wider audience - some of these tracks blast big holes in some of the chill-out and ambient house out there. Verdict: Stellar. - Nick Green, UK ----------------- By far the greatest synth sci-fi prog-rock album around ! With elements of Dreamstate, The Void, and Revive, Colony brings to life the story which it is based on. It's not as dark as some of Bjorns earlier work, but it sure does have it's moments - It has a far more brighter outlook on everything, with a hint of drama all the way through. Get yourself a cup of coffe at midnight, curl up someplace comfy, and put this on loud and alone ! Make sure you've got that bass up! You'll be taken away... :-) 10/10 ! - Pete Baker, England ---------------- Well, one thing's for sure, if humans ever colonise another planet, they'd be downright mad not to cryo-freeze or clone Bjorn Lynne and take him along with them, or at the very least ensure their CD collection is well-stocked with great CD's like Colony. The 'fusion' (if you'll pardon the buzz-word) of sci-fi electronic and progressive rock is performed so effortlessly and brilliantly by Bjorn, and this latest CD is yet another testament to that fact. Guitar solos that really lift you up and transport you away across the void and to other worlds are once again a feature of Bjorn's music... my personal favourite would have to be in Faces of Fatality. I doubt there are many other musicians (if any) who can write 10 minute tracks that keep you enthralled for every last second. Colony really is out of this world, and along with the rest of Mr Lynne's music, highly recommended. - Ben Piper, New Zealand ---------------- I've just recieved 'Colony' the fourth CD I have recieved from Bjorn Lynne~ I love them all, of course, but this one is the best I have listened too so far~ Each track keeps me riveted to my seat~ Bjorn has a way of expressing through his music, the thoughts and feelings of others throughout the universe~'COLONY' is a NOT TO BE MISSED CD. As long as Bjorn keeps making his wonderful music, I will keep listening too and using it~ Bjorn Lynne is the ONLY composer/performer that I recommend to my spiritual / webmaster / website competition associates~ Everyone else pales in comparison~ - Judy Gavette, USA ---------------- 'Just recieved mine in the mail...already listened to it through three times! After I heard the two released tracks from this CD I knew I had to own it. This is definitely a mix of many of Bjorn's styles, ranging from The Void to Revive and maybe even a hint of an old favorite, Witchwood. I absolutely love the gapless flow between the songs, makes for a very pleasurable listening experience that's hard to stop. On another note, the album cover art and booklet are some of the best I've ever seen on a CD, I commend Tobias Richter for his fine artwork. Get this now!' - Kevin Lloyd, USA ---------------- MASTERPIECE!!! This CD is Just Stunning. 1: It Sounds Great 2: It Look's Great And I almost dare to say it Feels Great too, had this CD been a Girl I most certainly would have invited her out on a date.!!! ;-) This is a must have CD. - Danny Bjoerling Mattissen, Denmark ---------------- 'Colony is a great story about traversing the void and conquering a piece of the unknown. I do not really think this work would be at home in any genre except from maybe the 'soundtrack' genre that is a very wide one and only tells you that the music describes a feeling or an event and is usually made to enhance the visual experience. Bjorn Lynne in my opinion takes this a step further and somehow 'includes' the visuals into his music with the result that I can see the 'movie' if I close my eyes. I will not rate any single track because that would be like reviewing a movie scene or a single chapter in a book. This CD is not a must but your life will probably be less than it could be without it!' - Bo Tronström, Sweden ---------------- ''Colony' has colonised the music of Bjorn into one fantastic outing that is reminiscent of his earlier music days. One can't help feeling the aftertaste of 'The Void' and hearing traces of 'Montage' & 'Dreamstate' when listening to passages on 'Colony'. The best tracks on this album are not limited to but rather capitalising on 'Messages', 'Faces of Fatality' & 'One Step To Paradise'. The music is so intense and the pure ambient feel of the entire CD brings you one step closer to the r e alms of outer space. Uncanny as it may sound, to me it even seems like a continuation of the Timura trilogy, this being the 4th installment. Bjorn Lynne's music always tells a different story on each album and this one tells of human colonisation with utmost musical flair. Way to go Bjorn! Heads up!' - Keith Ramanesh Nair, Malaysia ---------------- 'I've just listened to Colony now, for the first time. I've been down lately and was having a bad day. But when I put this CD on and turned out the lights i was simply taken to another world. It's like nothing I have ever heard before. It feels like I'm being fed colours and moods and feelings and a dramatic journey through my ears. I don't know how he does it, but Bjorn in one of a kind. And this album has got to be a modern day masterpiece. I feel honoured to be in on what feels like a grand multi dimensional space-time anomaly. Bjorn doesn't seem to model himself on anything or strive hard t satisfy anyone. A true visionary sharing his own universe through his composition. Wonderful, this music is so relaxing you can put it on when you want to sleep and it will send you spinning off into cosmic dreams :) Thanks for the music Bjorn, I will be buying more of your stunning art soon.' - Jonathan C, New Zealand ---------------- What can I say... I ordered it Sunday, and was playing it Tuesday morning. Is that fast, or what? It is absolutely brilliant, it has been in the car ever since I got it and I cannot get enough of it . The video is very good as well. - Gary Hall, England ---------------- Colony...what an absolutely brillant CD. Bjorn once again has put together something that moves both the mind and spirit at interstellar speeds leaving behind this world in the quest for an enlightened existence far beyond the reachs of our universe. All that is needed is a brillant movie because the music is here and ready. - Chris Gollner, Australia ---------------- Absolutely spectacular space rock CD! Bjorn has outdone himself again. Withe elments from The Gods Awaken, The Void and an occasional Divinorum interlude. Awesome music in an awesome package - great quality and great music. Thanks Bjorn! - Tomer Gabel, Israel ---------------- I took the Bjorn Lynne CD's over to a party at my cousins place last week with a small CD player and let everyone listen to songs from each CD. By 3 am the ladies were fighting over their chance to hear tracks on all 3 CD's 'Colony' 'Divinorum' & 'The God's Awaken' - so I had to finally play it on the surround system in the den. It is now agreed that 'Bjorn Lynne' has created the most visual and stimulating music ever! I went home and listened to a few tracks from artists I liked from my collection & a few that were sent to me recently. After listening to the other CD's - I got Bjorn Lynne's CD's out again and made a rather quick revelation - 'Oh, so this is music!' (:-) See what the radio is missing out on! Bjorn creates music at it's finest - paying close attention to the finest of details and delivers a solid product where each composition seems to have a complete purpose within the whole project. Bjorn's music creates a fantasy in motion that is so universal and climactic! You'll find yourself getting lost in the twists and turns of sound; nothing else comes close to that in this day of the commercially driven acts that fly high a few days then fall off forgotten. Bjorn Lynne's music in contrast is the cherished work that you won't want the kids scratching up! To any Connoisseurs of fine music out there who do not have Bjorn Lynne in on your list - download a few at JavaMusic or buy it now! This is where music becomes art purely it's highest form; fluid, uplifting, stimulating and thought provoking! There was not a single track in 4 of Bjorn's CD's I did not absolutely love - how often does that happen... It is my belief that Bjorn Lynne is one of the most talented artists alive and quite possibly one of the most important composers of our time!' - Mary Gilbert Todd, US/UK ----------------- 'I realized that I didn't even write a tiny review for all here, although I was the lucky guy to come up with the Trackname for the famous Track Number 10, which is also my personal favorite on the album. Besides the very good Tracks 'Crystal Vista' and 'Endless Possibilites'. That's not to say the other tracks are not that good, it's just so damn hard to choose which one you like best. All in all, this Album is ranging from very low tuned songs to very upbeat melodies in perfect ambience and has an all in all 'complete' feel when you reach the end of track 10. And it gives you the feeling you should hit 'Repeat' immediately. Go on with composing this great music, Bjorn.' - Markus, Germany ---------------- 'For someone like that me that still holds 'The Void' as Bjorn's masterpiece, Colony is most certainly a beautiful continuation and evolution of that vast, foreboding space sound that made me fall in love with Lynne's music in the first place.' - Lennart Fridén, Sweden.

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