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  • Artist: Bjarne O.
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479028496
  • Item #: CDBY902849
  • Genre: Electronic
  • Release Date: 7/27/2004
  • This product is a special order
Price: $14.69
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'Bjarne O. unfolds some very dramatic pictures in his almost symphonic orchestra-like compositions. I clearly see a movie before my eyes when I listen to Bjarne O.'s picturesque sound collages, and we don't find ourselves in the melodramatic department. Bjarne O.'s music is fascinating and deeply moving at the same time.' -- Brian Mikkelsen, The Minister of Cultural Affairs in Denmark ### 'It is inspiring to listen to this beautiful music. There is an innovative creativity running throughout the composition: something very unusual! And yet, somehow it comes across as being quite self-evident and simple. Listening to this music results in an inner balance at the same time that it sets into motion something positive. It has so much energy and wealth...I have often wondered why the music of other continents has not obtained a stronger foothold among us up to now. But that which has been created here can truly pave the way to building bridges that promote better understanding of other cultures, and in doing so fill both ears and hearts!' -- Irene Bonnicksen, Author & Painter ### 'What enthusiasm -- what creative delight! When something can sweep you away like this, one is amazed! I was immediately urged on to intense listening. It's simply liberating the fact that new-thinking still exists when it comes to the large symphonic genre. As it's done here, it is an outstanding example of new-thinking -- a kind of re-mix and an upgrade of a classical symphonic genre that can be inspirational to us all. And that is exactly what the most distinguished and most sublime purpose of a new album release should be: to bring new life - new genes -- to the genres. Which is precisely what this saline injection does. I take off my hat and make a low bow - for a great fireworks display of bubbling musical talent.' -- Carsten J., Producer ### Reviews of the tracks entered in the GARAGEBAND.COM contest: 'VINATI'S DREAMSONG', AWARDED BEST POTENTIAL MOVIE SOUNDTRACK. Another Great Soundtrack! Yet another dreamy escape into the realm of electronica. This song makes use of beautiful instruments, a creative arrangement to achieve a wonderfully simple yet inspiring instrumental similar to Enya. -- netjunkie9 from N. Richland Hills, Texas 2Aug2004 Magical! Fairy Grotto Intro entices you in...Yes, there are some cosmic & ethereal sounds here...Nicely mixed, with a magical mood there is a pleasant feeling that runs thru the whole track...Very satisfying! -- SCOTT_HILL from London, England, United Kingdom 1Aug2004 Happy Dream Land! This track is outstanding! Inspires me to write. Production are real. Effects and mix is great. Your really good. Love the emotion behind it all. The vocals are arabic sounding. They are wonderful! Nice track. -- blakelau from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 30Jul2004 Heaven Where is your mummy? She's in the clouds with the angels. Well, I am there, too. This song reminds me of a happy place, from the bells, to the washing bright pads, and angelic choir and vocal samples. This song should pretty much make you see the light after you listen to it. Every bit of this track has the stamp of the Elysian fields all over it. - vmc from Dallas, Texas on 27Aug2004 ambiently awesome This songs intro did a pretty good effect on the listener. It's like watching a walt disney film. I love the chordal approach and the melody made a relaxing and sonic ambient effect. Overall, I love this song and I think It has all the essential elements to be a pretty successful film music track. - elivate7 from Alabang, Manila, Philippines on 16Aug2004 Electric orchestra finely tuned Slow, classic music-style intro, for what a progressive electronic opera. The structure is rich and interesting, the instrumentation is impressive. I just love the 'Morricone' soundtrack flavours of the percussions, of the tubular bells and of the strings add-ons. Chord and instrumentation use denote a mature ear and a wonderful taste. Somehow reminds me also of Mike Oldfield's best works (choirs are reminding me of some part of 'the songs of the distant earth', a very good album), for the sound and for the mood/structure, which is a positive thing, I believe. I said it reminds me of their style, but with lots of original points, I meant to say. Finely tuned orchestra, with a 'grand final' I just love, a good orchestration and finely tuned. Wonderful taste. I'm your fan, now! - guthorm from Unspecified on 11Aug2004 fantasic thank you for your music. It take my heart which is exhausted into the land of the fantasy. i played in the world. ^#^this song is the world of fairly tale which i dreamed in childfood. The effect and melody and nature of the voice was beautiful really. - Tetsuhiro from Unspecified on 11Aug2004 'JOURNEY' - Awarded TRACK OF THE DAY Ready for The Silver Screen! This song was enchanting....gripping from the beginning to the very end. A definite gem in contemporary world music. The mood is mysterious and adventurous with a sort of northern african flaire. The chorus was especially poignant, coming to a lovely expert use of vocals...this composer knows how to use music to create a dramatic effect. Production and arrangement is flawless. At times the song is reminiscent of the soundtrack to a steven spielberg blockbuster....I hope the publisher of this music is knocking on all the doors in Hollywood...this song should be in film. Well,well done! -- jberinger2 from San Diego, California 5Aug2004 Classic epic I like the big industrial noises, quite dark from the offset and the vocals seem to back this up very well. The strings with the male vocals make it sound like this is some kind of epic battle, though due to my entirely non existent understanding of eastern languages I'm unable to tell whether this is the case. The arrangement is fantastic, very powerful build ups and very haunting vocals layered to perfection with great percussion work. The melodies are great, simple but very effective. The strings carry everything off brilliantly. The mood is very good, very epic. This is pure class all the way. A definate 5/5 - Gusbo from Glasgow, Hysteria, United Kingdom on 11Aug2004 Has great potenial to be in a movie! This is a very engaging track. I think you could write film scores/soundtracks. When I close my eyes and veg out to this track, I picture this song playing during the opening credits of a huge summer blockbuster. No fake! This is a great/sweeping arrangement. Keep on rockin in the 'free world.' Peace n Luv. -- - eyesrevolution from Spring Grove, Illinois 5Aug2004 Exotic chill-out at it's best! Zero 7, Air and Tosca come in mind when you hear how the arrangement is laid down, but this tune has something more to offer. -- Tripnotic_MK from Unspecified 31Jul2004 Unique! More traditional sounding, but unique...This is very sophisticated stuff that isn't overdone...more traditional, and less of the distorted sampling that you here in this genre...which makes it stand out. -- epenington from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 31Jul2004 Excellent! ...This track could very well be from the hands of Bill Laswell circa Hashisheen... -- kvaternion from Fredericia, No State, Denmark 29Jul2004 Market at Mecca Interesting LOW end drum on the entro. Nice string crescendos. This artist knows what he is doing and how to do it. Great production, great technical execution. VERY INTERESTING PIECE. The best I've heard on GB to date. WELL DONE. - VonBach from Springdale, Arkansas on 25Aug2004 Cinema/World Bollywood, Excellent! This a unique texture of Eastern Indian influenced world music. It has a definite Bollywood feel, but more orchestral, I really enjoyed the amazing production values, Timpani rolls sounded completely and utterly real.. The electronic rhythm (808 drums) is a nice beat bed to lay the music over, gives it a quite modern cinematic feel. The use of orchestral string washes are delicate and again, sound true! This is top quality cinema/world music. Definitely worth your time. Great Work! - YeshaBluestein from Bethany, Oklahoma on 18Aug2004 Great Orchestration, Soundtrack Music Erie mood is effective. I think they could have been really brought to life by stronger pads on keys. The dark pads that start to swell in at :40 are really nice. At 1:00 the lower-frequency rolling sound - whatever it is - really pops out and I love it! I really think this makes great soundtrack music - very intensely moody, layering of male vocal against group vocals is very nicely arranged. Strings are great, little bell elements and percussion builds after 2:00 do a nice job of bringing this to a climax. - rigsimusic from Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania on 17Aug2004 'FIGHTING EVIL' Electronic Stravinsky When you listen to this song, you know immediately you're not listening to a common artist. This is an electronic orhcestra finely tuned and played, with a piece who reminds me of the best classic productions, with a good arrangement and a perfect orchestration. Deep and interesting as Stravinsky in the 'Sagre de printemps', this is an amazing artist, indeed. I'll liosten to more, this for sure. - guthorm from Unspecified on 21Aug2004 Elfman Sci Fi This sounds like you used synclavier tones that were commonplace in the 1980s.. this isn't such a bad thing because you do it quite well..there also seems to be a tad bit of a Danny Elfman influence in there. No doubt, you have talent and definitely should be scoring movie soundtracks. The arrangement and mix are top notch. The sequences are very well thoughtout. I am impressed to say the least! Superb work. - YeshaBluestein from Bethany, Oklahoma on 27Aug2004 Something New This track starts with a rather grandiose intro, feauturing big drums, pianos, brass, and other orchestral immitation sounds. It appears to have more of a classical progression and doesn't follow the overused regular song structures. This has more of a soundtrack feel to it. It is almost as if it is divided into segments, each trying to create it's own picture. Certainly a good attempt at something else! - djsiren from Soton, Hants, United Kingdom on 25Aug2004 Zany - Classical - Electronica Wow, crazy classical electronica that's perfect for a film score Arrangement is pretty good with most of the instruments sounding like the real thing, only one or two sound a bit cheesy synth ( like the trumpet ), but there's a whole orchestra here and once they are all playing ( 2:50 ) it sounds excellent. Song structure is excellent, but you would expect that from someone attempting this kind of music. This has an excellent flow and takes the listener on a musical journey through space. Production is great with clear sounds and good mixing, some more panning would have been nice and added that 'sitting there' feel to the whole track. I really feel a little out of my depth here :) but i thought it was a great track and would be perfect for a camp, space-spy movie! The Good:- Excellent arrangement and a very well written score The Bad:- It's classical, so not everyones going to like it ... The Verdict:- Totally unexpected and very enjoyable. - 8_bit_boy from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia on 24Aug2004 Frodo, Lancelot, Willy Wonka, and that weird .. Sounds like a song that came from a movie... except a collection of movies. I hear Lord of the Rings, slow strings... horns from King Arthur... bells from the Exorcist, banging drums from Aladdin and wonky FX from every disney movie. They combine in a way very original... and I think it works, especially when the rythmic drums kick in. I have no idea why this is in the electronic music section. But i'm glad I heard it. - Reykthos from Oyster Bay, New York on 22Aug2004 '700 PEOPLE' This is fun,..and original! The beatles meet electronic yahoo! I love the sound you have going here it is shure brilliance! I think we have something here! 2 thumbs up! -- DjDMM from Mount Vernon, Washington 23Jul2004 Top notch! I like the originality of the arrangement...I think the actual arrangement of the music and the melody is top notch. Very original & enjoyable. -- John_Paul_Sharp from Denver, Colorado 22Jul2004 Very pet shop the campness of this track... -- arfur from Dunfermline, Fife, United Kingdom 25Jul2004 ###.

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