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Real Raw
  • Artist: Black Boy Rockin' It
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 796873072458
  • Item #: SRD307245
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 7/1/2008
  • This product is a special order
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $13.16

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Real Raw on CD

Black Boy Rockin' It... The Bio This dude is like nothing you've seen or heard before! Prepare yourself for some funky rockin sounds from a hot artist from San Francisco that will make your bootie shake till your feet ache! The EP is called "Real Raw" and you're gonna wanna listen to this! "Black Boy Rockin'It" is a band, a man, an enigma. The EP "Real Raw" was written, performed, recorded, and produced by Miguel (Miguelito) Vargas. Being the musician he is, Miguelito played every instrument himself. The band is coming together to support Miguelito as "Black Boy Rockin'It", and will soon be performing live at a venue near you! So where did Miguelito come from? Where else but San Francisco baby! Destined to rock, he was born to a father who played many instruments, but found his passion in the drums; his mother was a dancer and the two performed together. Miguelito started off playing the violin, and progressed to the piano, guitar, and has always had a natural ability to make the bass and drums come alive. Is there anything this dude can't play?! Miguelito has a diverse background and can bring you any flavor you like. He banged his head through the 80's thrash metal boom in San Francisco, where he found himself playing guitar amongst the city's metal onslaught. After honing his abilities, he then released an alternative hip hop single under the name of M-16 titled "It's a Meaner Rougher Nation". This single received modest success and was played on the local stations amongst such artists as Ice Cube, Eric B and Rakim, and KRS; as well as a spread in Source Magazine. Miguelito didn't stop there! He later went on to form a Brazilian band that found local success until...the band broke up. Now Miguelito is back as "Black Boy Rockin; It" and is rockin' it just for you with his latest release "Real Raw". So what are you waiting for?! "Real Raw" is now available for your listening pleasure at Rasputin (San Francisco and Berkeley stores), Amoeba (San Francisco and Berkeley stores); it will also available soon online, and will be playing on the juke box at your local watering hole here in the city. So get out and pick up your copy of "Real Raw" today...all your friends are doin it!