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Too Blues to Succeed
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Too Blues to Succeed on CD

Black Cat Bone Blues Band: • Gennaro Carrillo : vocal/harp ; • Gianni Di Ruvo : guitar ; • Nunzio Dragonetti : piano ; • Claudio De Palo : bass ; • Mirco Dal Barco : drums . Band History: The band history, lasting more than 25 years,is divided in two period corresponding to two geographical areas : -the first was in Puglia (a southern region of Italy)were was founded in 1982 as "Black Cat Bones" by Gennaro Carrillo and by Enzo "Bob Rock" Palumbo (this period finished in 1989); -the second one started in 1992,when the band was rifounded in Milan (the biggest city of the north-Italy),this time again by Gennaro Carrillo and by Gianni Di Ruvo (already guitar player of the band during 1986),both moved to Milan for job, with a slightly different name " Black Cat Bone blues band". Festivals and other main performances : Besides an intense activity in clubs,are to be mentioned the following performances: -Nave Blues Festival 1987 (with Larry .Johnson,EddieC.Campbel,Elisha.B.Murray,Little.W.Littlefield etc.); -Nave Blues Festival on the road 1995 (with Katie Webster,Andy Jay Forest etc.); -Pistoia Blues 1996 (with Luther Allison,Robben Ford,Papa Chubby,John Mayall etc.); -Piazza Blues Bellinzona (same artist of Pistoia Blues 1996); -Bordighera Jazz&Blues Festival 1999 (with Chick Corea, Edoardo Bennato etc.); -Torrita Blues Festival 2000 (with Charly Musselwhite, Shemekia Copeland and Canned Heat); -Bragdoya Blues (Kristiansand-Norway) 2001; -Blues a Balues (Bologna - Italy) 2002; -Green Hills in Blues (Atri (TE)-Italy) 2003; -Brindisi Blues Festival (Brindisi- Italy) 2003. -Ameno Blues Festival (Ameno (NO)-Italy) 2005; -Vallemaggia Magic Blues (Coglio and Moghegno -Switzerland)2005; -New Orleans meets St.Gallen (St Gallen-Switzerland)2005; -Caserta In Blues (Caserta -Italy) 2005; -Streets of Blues (Tropea (VV)-Italy) 2005; -Piedimonte Blues Festival (Piedimonte (CE)-Italy) 2006; -Melizzano in Blues - (Melizzano (BN)-Italy) 2007; -Rootsway - Roots'n'Blues and Food Festival (Zibello (PR)-Italy 2007); -Tropea Blues (Tropea (VV)-Italy) with Simona Paudice, 2008; In the last years BCB bb opened concerts of Louisiana Red, Billy Branch and S.O., Cooper Terry & NiteLife, Andy Jay Forest, L.C.Donatto &his Zydeco Sleepers, Francine Reed,Dirk Hamilton ecc. Demo and CD : • 1994 Demo-tape Nothing but the blues (review on "Spazio Musica"); • 1996 CD Just a little blues (reviews on IL BLUES,BUSCADERO, JAM, JAMBOUREE, MUCCHIO SELVAGGIO (Italy), BLUE NEWS (Finland) and BLUES ACCESS(U.S.A)) • 2000 Second CD Blues con le mani . (until now reviewed on IL BLUES, BUSCADERO and JAM in Italy, SOUL BAG (France), JUKE BLUES( England), BLUE ACCESS (USA), BLUES REVUE (Canada) and CONCERTO (Austria)); • 2003 Demo-CD Live (recorded in Bisceglie (BA-Italy) 19/07/2003); • 2004 Demo-CD Live (recorded in Legnano (MI-Italy) 5/1//2004); • 2006 Third CD Too blues to succeed .