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Sun & Moon Sessions
  • Artist: Black Swan Lane
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 884501152273
  • Item #: CDBY115227
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 7/8/2009
  • Rank: 358009
Price: $16.80
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Sun & Moon Sessions on CD

Black Swan Lane was founded in 2007 by Jack Sobel & John Kolbeck, formerly of The Messengers and the great Mark Burgess, formerly of The Chameleon UK and the Sun and the Moon. A quick release of 'A Long Way From Home' followed after joining up with some of Mark's past band mates Yves Altana, Kwasi Asante & Achim Faerber. Anna-Lynne Williams of Trespassers William fame lent a hand on some vocals as well. One of the songs from this album (In the Ether) was recently featured in the major motion picture release of 'Adventureland.' A year after the release of 'A Long Way From Home,' Jack, Mark, Andy W & Andy C decided to put on a one off show in the states as The Sun and the Moon which was received quite well. During the practice sessions for the show, BSL started recording several new tracks which sounded brilliant. This led up to almost a year of perfecting the recording and mixing of the new album, The Sun and the Moon Sessions. Jimmy Oakes, a good friend of Mark's from San Francisco joined the recordings as well which proved to be a success. Kwasi Asante, a native of Ghana, who played on the Chameleons last tour and currently resides in Manchester, joined Mark and Jack in the studio seperately which led to the track 'Mother Nature.' Andy Clegg and Andy Whitaker, formerly of The Sun and the Moon, exhibited an explosive amount of talent and dedication in the new recordings which came out in tracks like 'Tidal Wave' and 'An Individual Mind.' This is a true eclectic world project with unique originality and form. Mark Burgess who recently released an incredible book called 'View From a Hill,' currently resides in Germany. His book and music can be found at blue apple music in Scotland. Mark is also planning a hopeful solo album in the near future. Andy Clegg & Andy Whitaker have an incredible radio show in Manchester called The Midlife Dementia Show on Manchester Radio which will give anyone a great laugh and a bit of great music at the same time. Jack and John reside near Atlanta in the states and have already started a follow up to The Sun and the Moon Sessions.