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Black Velvet Band
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Black Velvet Band on CD

The Black Velvet Band keeps the belief that music feeds the soul. We are 5 women from varied backgrounds who come together to share the joy of Celtic music. Banished are bad moods, errant children, low wages, missed vacations and other misfortunes! So while others dream of sailing bonny ships, leaving Liverpool, and picking wild mountain thyme, we hone our "art" in Arizona. The Black Velvet Band (yes, we do the, not on this CD!) specializes in traditional Irish, Scottish and English music. Frequently appearing at the Irish Cultural Center, Fiddler's Dream, and other venues in the Phoenix area, the group also travels to various Renaissance Festivals and Arts Festivals throughout Arizona. Concert dates in Paris, London, Dublin, Minsk, and Dubai are pending - we're just waiting for someone to ask! The band started with the gift of a pennywhistle to Joanna, our youngest member, from her mother, Cathie, a few years ago. Cathie Lowmiller is our lead fiddle, resident composer (see 'Fiddler of Dooney' on this CD), and adds vocals. Joanna Lowmiller now has pennywhistles in many keys, and sings harmonies. Barb Beringer brings in lead alto vocals and 12 string rhythm guitar. Cathy Vaughn provides cello, bodhran and vocals. Kathy Kennard joins with lead soprano vocals, mandolin and 6 string guitar. With it's varied tempos, we've been told our first CD suits aerobic walking, ceilis, and keeps children of all ages happy!