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Eleventy Billion Miles Away
  • Artist: Blackcat Revival
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 9780977457915
  • Item #: 249684X
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 8/15/2006
  • This product is a special order
Price: $30.44
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Eleventy Billion Miles Away on CD

Eleventy Billion Miles Away is a special edition of the debut album from modern pop's evil twin, Blackcat Revival. It is a new Golden Record, released into the abyss, accompanied by an illustrated 56-page lyric book. Available in a Limited Edition of 100 books with CD. In 1977 NASA launched the Voyager spacecraft into the deep unknown. It carried a Golden Record containing greetings in languages both ancient and modern, music from the span of human history, and images of life on our vulnerable planet. It was the story of mankind for any extraterrestrial life that might encounter it, however slim the chance. Today it is farther into space than any other manmade object, and soon it will be too far away to communicate back to us. It is a bottle flung into the cosmic ocean. We are calling out. Eleventy Billion captures the sound of a band yearning to make people face the surreal and sometimes frightening truths that: We don't know why we're here, we don't know what we're supposed to do, and we don't know where we're going. Raw and refined. Familiar and new. Their unique sound lies between diverse genres of metal, punk, blues, jazz, and good old rock n' roll. Harnessing the theatrical power of a David Lynch soundtrack, the raw eclectic whim of Tom Waits, the dark force of Black Sabbath, the aggressive fury of Primus, the catchiness of Ween, and the quirkiness of Frank Zappa, Blackcat Revival defines itself on an uncharted path. ------------- Omnibucket is re-inventing publishing through creative media. We're all about Quality Content. It is our priority, our passion you might even say. We deliver and distribute it through both traditional and non-traditional channels. Yeah, but who are you guys really? We are saucy. We are real. We are geeks with flavor. We observe trends, but we don't follow them. We're honest and professional, but we're also a bit silly. Are we efficient? You bet and all the while with uncommonly good taste. Can we mimic the style du jour cheaper and quicker? Sure, but we don't really love to do that. We like doing things our own way, slick but soulful. It can be a little weird maybe, but unique certainly. And the end result is always good because we always put Quality Content first.

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