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43 RD. & Degnan
  • Artist: Black/Note
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 754585101125
  • Item #: CDBY510112
  • Genre: Jazz
  • Release Date: 8/7/2001
  • This product is a special order
Price: $13.20
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43 RD. & Degnan on CD

Limited Edition. /Collectors Item Orgionaly released on the now defunct World Stage label. '43rd. & Degnan' is available here on CDbaby as a limited edition. This, the bands first recording was produced by the legendary drummer Billy Higgins, also know as the most rcorded drummer in history. Billy, who discovered these kids, who's avarage age was fifteen years old at the time, could hear something worth documenting for all time. It was the sound of youth. The sound of inocense and a maturity and dedication to detail that some bands never achieve no matter what age or how long they stay togather. Take a minute to listen to Mallissa written by the young alto player James Mahone and check out the playful interchange between the horns on the composition by base player Mark Shelby. Who say's youth is wasted on the young. The group went on to record for several major labels including GRP and Columbia, but critics agree that '43rd. & Degnan' the bands first release was and still is it's best offering. We dedicate this recording to our hero Billy Higgins. If you could imagine Tiger Woods teaching the fine art of golf in the ghetto then you can almost imagine what it is like to have a guy like Billy around to mentor the neighborhood youth. This recording is his way of investing in the community. To Billy community was everything. His workshop 'The World Stage', was where we all hung out. Where he lectured us on the pitfalls of being Black in America. He overcame heroin addiction, which he called chemical warfare, and dedicated his life to saving youth whereever and whenever he had the opertunity. Billy played his drums as if the fate of the universe depended on him hitting them just right, a perfect swing. In our neighborhood half the kids are in jail and the other half are on the way. He was a force for good. The twelve years that i worked with him were the most informative of my entire life. While everyone is investing is stocks and bonds, Billy invested in us, the community, the neighborhood. Thanks to the increadible Mr. Higgins we all got a chance to see artists like Herbie Hancock, Chick Correa, Bobby Watson, Branford Marcellos all performing at the world stage for a $5 or ten dollar donation. Jazz had left the community and he was determined to bring it back. It was a monumental task if there ever was one. Everbody went corporate. Billy Higgins at the world stage was the greatest event on earth. The greatest drummer on earth trying to save the universe from ultimate destruction. A master of harmony and harmony is our religion. The group went on to win just about every award available for young jazz muscians. The John Coltrane award, scolarships, and our drummer Willy Jones finished third in the Theolonious Monk international jazz competition. There was hope and pride where it never existed before. All we have left now is to tell the world about who he was, what he did and why it is all important. Jazz is Revolutionary/Billy Higgins It is just an unfortunate reality that jazz which started out as an african American past time and his now the music of the upper class, has lost it's revolutionary spirit. Billy often said that 'everything is corporate' and the entire idium has been taken over by large record companies. The system has outlived it's usefullness. If you hate George Bush like we do then buy our recording. If you are fed up with this present order of things then buy our recording. If you want to fight back then buy our recording. Your purchase of this recording offers us a chance to fight on to fight back, save the neighborhood and spread peace and harmony throughout the universe. Other recordings on the Cdbaby website that we recommend. 'The Movement' by Robert Stewart. 'Hip Prophecy' by Bobby West 'The Best Of Summer Nights at MoCa' complitation 'The Hipster' by Dale Fielder.

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