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No Holiday
  • Artist: Blake Bollinger
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 750458354629
  • Item #: SRD835462
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 9/4/2007
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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No Holiday on CD

Blake Bollinger is a musical anomaly. Although a talented and passionate singer/songwriter, the term "musician" does not fully encompass the Texas native at all. Blake was classically trained on the piano beginning at age 5. His many hours of scales, Bach, and friends gave him a great foundation, but something was missing. His desire to create and follow the melodies rolling around in his head kept him improvising and writing for hours on end... much to the disapproval of his classically-minded teacher. When the piano needed a rest, Blake taught himself the guitar. Even today he switches back and forth both in song writing and in concert. The songs that emerged from these writing sessions would quickly lead to Blake's second addiction... The recording studio. From an early age, Blake was mesmerized by the glowing lights of soundboards and recording gear. Like many musicians, his first recordings were made between two tape decks with a Radio Shack microphone in a back bedroom. While most of his friends were buying clothes and video games, Blake spent every cent on recording gear and musical instruments. This hobby would prove useful as his high school and college band, Destination Known, would go on to record and release 5 albums with total sales topping 10,000 units. Blake went to college at Baylor University and quickly bonded with the local talent. His second semester he was asked to lead an all-university chapel band which put him in front of thousands of students each week. The buzz about his band quickly reached beyond the Texas borders and took the guys on the road in all directions. Their unique blend of harmonies, soaring guitars, and catchy lyrics not only brought scores of fans out to shows, but also attracted artists looking for that "sound" on their own projects. Blake Bollinger the "producer" was born... To date, Blake has engineered and produced dozens of recordings for artists around the U.S. His home studio doubles as his creative hub and a full-fledged professional recording room. One such recording that emerged was Blake's first solo project entitled, "No Holiday" released in August of '07. Half of the songs were self-produced while the other half was produced by the talented Brent Milligan (The Elms, Dave Crowder). The songs on this album speak from the heart. Themes of redemption, hope, and love are intricately woven through creative imagery and hooky melodies. "No Holiday's" initial response has been nothing but positive. Blake is motivated and excited about sharing what he calls his "lifelong collection of songs" with the world on his spring and summer tours. Part musician, part recording engineer, part producer, part __________ . Get to know the music, passion, and artistry that is Blake Bollinger.