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Final Whistle
  • Artist: Blake
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 5060087722726
  • Item #: CDBY877227
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 7/11/2006
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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Final Whistle on CD

Back in 1982 Aston Villa were crowned Kings of Europe and eleven year old Julian Pugsley was allowed to stay up well beyond his bedtime to witness this remarkable achievement on TV. Of course, with school the next day the celebrations were short lived - in fact, none of Julian's friends at school supported Villa, but the beating he received at the hands of the older Liverpool fans didn't seem to hurt as much. It was a golden moment - and one that Julian knew, deep down, would never be repeated in his lifetime. Turn the clocks forward twenty-four years and 2006 saw the release of Julian's first official solo album - a CD dedicated to the Aston Villa 1982 European Cup Winning team (under the pseudonym of Blake): Rimmer (sub 10 Spink), Swain, Williams, Evans, McNaught, Mortimer, Bremner, Shaw, Withe, Cowans, Morley. How did it come about? Well, I started a band in 2002 called Karmatruffle with my good friends Magda McCaffrey (nee Singer) on bass and Amanda Ranson on drums. We were basically a Bevis Frond Tribute band - but we started writing our own material when we realised that very few people had ever heard of The Bevis Frond! You can read more about the story of Karmatruffle and our spectacular rise and fall elsewhere so I won't go into all the messy details here. Suffice to say, we were signed to a London-based indie label, undertook a UK tour, headlined at the Cavern Club, released one single and one album, and then disappeared without trace. After Karmatruffle split, I was determined to record all the songs I never got a chance to play with the band. A lot of the songs I had written didn't fit with the retro-indie-rock formula we'd developed and I had a huge back catalogue of demos by this point. The album title refers to the fact that I realised my time in the pop world was running out (the missus was making noises about babies). However, what were the chances that I was going to pull it out of the bag like Villa did in the 1982 European Cup final? Not that good, to be honest. I bought the Tascam FX-01 digital eight track to record on because I just couldn't get my head around Cubase - I needed knobs! I recorded the whole thing, including drums, in my house in Melksham. When I had finished I really thought that was it, game over! Not quite...