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Raised on Rock
  • Artist: Blindside Blues Band
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 843310033821
  • Item #: CDBY003382
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 1/1/2010
  • Rank: 167929
Price: $22.11

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Raised on Rock on CD

'Raised On Rock', the outstanding 8th studio disc from the Blindside Blues Band, features 12 tracks (74 minutes) of mega-killer, powerful, incredibly solid, blues-based, retro-70s heavy guitar riffage that is all about Keeping the Rock alive. From start to finish, an amazing display of mind-blowing bluesy heavy guitar rock that will stand the test of time. Fronted by Mike 'Rock Machine' Onesko, the seasoned guitar rocker always delivers the riffage that matters and 'Raised on Rock' is definitely no exception as the Man digs in deep and nails down his best/strongest disc to date. Onesko is a true Guitar Hero who knows what time of day it is when it comes down to awesome beyond belief riffage that will rock your face off. BBB also features the bad-ass, killer bluesy axerippin' talents of Scotty J. Johnson on second guitar who nails down fantastic, get-down, wah wah-induced, six string 'mojo' throughout the amazing new Blindside Blues Band disc. Scotty J. plays his ass off with an abundance of serious, get-down, lead guitar action that is right up there with the best players in the world. Last but not least, Blindside Blues Band features the hard-hitting, hi-energy, powerful 'groove machine' in the form of Emery Ceo on Drums and Kier Staeheli on Bass. Both excellent, stand-out players and 'good musical brothers' who lock in and nail down the monstrous BBB groove. The year is 2010 and Blindside Blues Band was 'Raised On Rock' and is here to save the day with their incredible brand of tremendous dual guitar heavy rock power. The Blindside Blues Band: 'Raised on Rock' disc is a bad-ass slab of killer bluesy heavy guitar rock that is Highly recommended to fans of MOUNTAIN, LESLIE WEST, ROBIN TROWER, CREAM, PAT TRAVERS, DERRINGER, MONTROSE, BOC, MOXY, UFO w/SCHENKER and all other excellent, world-class guitar rockers. Fans of the previous Blindside Blues Band discs will heavily dig the amazing 'Raised on Rock' disc. Mike Onesko and Blindside Blues Band are a true testament that REAL Guitar Rock is still alive: 'Raised On Rock' is solid and ballsy to the core. Finally, a band in 2010 that stays true to their blues-based 70s heavy rock roots. God bless BBB for Keeping the Rock alive.