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Long Hard Road
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Long Hard Road on CD

'Long Hard Road", the awesome fifth studio disc by the Blindside Blues Band, features 11 trax (69 minutes) of killer, bad-ass, straight-ahead, in-your-face, solid bluesy heavy guitar riffage with powerful rippin' lead guitars that are guaranteed to rock your world. "Long Hard Road" is a classic modern-day heavy guitar riff monster with a way-kool retro-70's Les Paul through a Marshall vibe. Fronted by Mike "riffmaster supreme" Onesko on guitar & vocals and joined by original killer B.B.B. blues/rock axeripper Scotty J. on guitar and Bill Gressock on 3rd guitar and complete with the powerhouse rhythm section of Emery Ceo on drums and Michael Barrick, the band rip it up and shred their way through a no-holds-barred explosive triple heavy guitar attack that will rip your face off and satisfy even the most hard-core guitar addict. From the killer powerful bluesy riffage of opener "Electric Woman" to the awesome amped-up version of the classic Cream jam "Outside Woman Blues", on through the B.B.B.'s rippin' heavy version of the obscure U.F.O. with Michael Schenker bluesy heavy guitar rocker "Pack It Up And Go" from the "Obsession" disc, Onesko & Co. Mean serious business when it comes down to REAL heavy guitar music on the "Long Hard Road" disc. As an added bonus there is a mega-awesome 15 minute live-in-the-studio improv. Power trio jam as a hidden bonus track where brother Mikey O. gets down hard on his guitar with a heavy vintage Trower vibe that sounds like this killer jam landed from 1975!!! The "Long Hard Road" c.d. (their first disc for GROOVEYARD RECORDS, an indie label dedicated to outstanding TOTAL GUITAR music), is definitely their best/heaviest work to date. The Blindside Blues Band: "Long Hard Road" disc is HIGHLY recommended to fans of CREAM, MOUNTAIN, LESLIE WEST, ROBIN TROWER, PAT TRAVERS, MONTROSE, U.F.O. w/ SCHENKER and all other classic heavy guitar rockers. Fans of the previous Blindside Blues Band discs (in particular, the first two B.B.B. c.d.'s) will heavily dig the bad-ass killer heavy-duty hi-powered bluesy riffage that kicks serious ass all over the place on the awesome "Long Hard Road" disc. If you dig outstanding bluesy heavy guitar riffage, do yourself a favor and take a "musical ride" down the "LONG HARD ROAD" with the Blindside Blues Band who definitely KEEP THE ROCK ALIVE with their awesome brand of classic bluesy riff heaviness.

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