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First Solo Flight
  • Artist: Bo Blider
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479283673
  • Item #: SRD928367
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 5/2/2006
  • This product is a special order
Price: $18.69
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First Solo Flight on CD

Bo Blider has always wanted to be a singer songwriter and started his career as a kid in 1962 making his first record with a band called Half pint and the fifths! A 45 record with two songs called 'Lovin on borrowed time and orphan boy'. 'Orphan boy' quite a parallel of how his songwriting career got distracted, like an orphan looking for a home. He got busy with the army while rock music flourished in the late 60's and early 70's. And just when his writing career started taking off with a group called the northern Axman, Disco bursts onto the music scene. Bo auditioned for Beatlemania in 1978 and created a band called American English a tribute to the Beatles in the Chicago area that became quite popular. His idea was to create an audience through the beatles music for his original music. A great idea but between the beatles music becoming so popular and the raising of a family Bo really got sidetracked from his writing career. By 1992, Bo realized that if he was to reach his lifelong dream of writing he had better really take it seriously since he had but a few compositions written by then. He started writing and came up quickly with 'First solo flight' then his second CD 'Moon in the Afternoon' and formed a solo band to play the music called 'The Bo Blider Band'. Everything seemed to be going well until one of his last performances with American English, Bo was electrocuted on stage while performing. A freak accident not taken seriously by anyone including Bo cause it happened so quickly, yet as time progressed within 6 months Bo could no longer sing.Two fine CD's, a band, but no one to perform. Who would hear the music? Bo took 5 years of singing therapy to literally learn how to sing again. Bo went back to basics and started singing Beatles again. Joined and helped form two bands that are doing very well with 'Instant Karma'( a tribute to John Lennon's solo career, and 'The Beatapples'( a tribute to the early sounds of the Beatles. We at 3B Records like to think Bo had much to do with the early history of tribute bands being a viable direction for the amateur as well as the professional musician to help with their individual musical growth. Now Bo Blider is back and has formed the new 'Bo Blider Band' and will be performing his songs. Bo has planned to have his third CD, 'Love and Relationships' released before christmas 2006.

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