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  • Artist: Bodi Essentials
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 9780953572618
  • Item #: 177815X
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 3/25/2003
  • This product is a special order
Price: $20.69
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Opening on CD

Welcome to The Opening At this moment in time you are probably unaware of why you reading this. The Opening is appearing to you now as a unique opportunity because you are ready for change. If you were not ready for a life change this information would not be in front of you..... Each and every person will always try to make life as simple, productive and enjoyable as possible according to how they personally believe life should be. At every stage in your life, endless situations or events are appearing to help you enhance your 'quality of life' and 'personal growth'. Just like the one appearing to you now. Take a moment and think what is happening in your life now, this very moment. The life you are leading is exactly to match your thoughts. Sadly most people experience life without realising that a simple alteration of perception will change present situations. With The Opening you will soon understand many simplicities such as why...... YOU WILL NEVER HAVE ANYTHING YOU WANT! At first you may be dismayed. Don't be. When you understand that by wanting something, you are admitting to yourself that you do not already have it. This makes all the difference. When 'your perception is altered within your life', all sorts of CHANGES have to occur. How would you be feeling if situations and events altered within your life now? Maybe Better relationships or improved Health, more Money or a Career change. The choice is always yours, but HOW YOU PERCEIVE anything is the key! At this exact moment in time you are experiencing your life under the effect of your thinking instead of being the cause! The Opening will show you how simple it is to become the cause. Whatever life situation you are experiencing will give many clues to your 'MENTAL ATTITUDE' Negative emotions and thoughts will always imbalance your Life which in turn has to produce negative effects. Whatever your current life situation, the Opening will show you how to transform yourself and your surroundings. - The Opening is a unique system for achieving a healthy balanced life in so many ways. You will soon understand how to become the cause of situations / events. - The Opening will assist you in altering your perception enabling you to understand that anything, yes everything, is within your reach. - The Opening will show you how to materialise your desires. You are 'closer' than you realise to UNDERSTANDING.

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