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It's Just Like Magic
  • Artist: Body or Brain
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 801655194225
  • Item #: 1417381X
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 9/4/2008
  • This product is a special order
Price: $8.69
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It's Just Like Magic on CD

Rooted in sounds emanating from bands like The Who with their spastic high energy live shows to modern bands like Blink 182, with jangly guitar riffs and intense memorable hooks, body or Brain uses sounds of old and modern to create their signature style. Springing forth from Napa, CA like a lone flower in the desert ground, Body or Brain has grown up in a musical vacuum. With no venues in their hometown Body or Brain has sacrificed money, jobs, girlfriends and anything else necessary to get their music out to the fans. After a long period of writing Body or Brain played their first show in October of 2007. Having since completed a northwest tour, and releasing two Ep's before August 2008. Having already made their mark on their local scene, Body or Brain's unrelenting drive will no doubt keep them writing, performing live locally and touring for years as they continue to grow. This is not a forgettable band to anyone who experiences one of their shows, and will not soon fade away. Review taken from by Gabe Meline 3/21/08 At the end of the night, people were still talking about Body or Brain, who played the lobby. Best new band right now, no contest. Upbeat, hyperjangly infectious pop, led by Jakey Lieber, a madman. Jakey plays unbelievable riffs on the electric guitar with his bare hands, no pick, and he simultaneously moves around like a clock spring that's frantically uncoiling. I hunched down near the floor and watched as he jumped, kicked, slung the guitar around his back, tap-danced, did the f***ing splits, and moonwalked, all while playing the guitar and not missing a note. I met him a few weekends ago while writing an article about his hardcore band, the Grand Color Crayon, and he's also got solo recordings that sound like Doug Martsch's acoustic stuff. Is there anything the kid can't do? I mean, besides finally move out of Napa someday?

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