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Bogart & the Addictives
  • Artist: Bogart & the Addictives
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 643157399469
  • Item #: 1417382X
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 8/19/2008
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Bogart & the Addictives on CD

"Bogart and the Addictives" revives the late-\'70s/early-\'80s post-punk of bands like Gang of Four, Talking Heads, and P.I.L. by matching scratchy guitar riffs with danceable grooves. The band was formed in 2006 in Toulouse (France) by bassist Nico Romance, guitarist Anton Fortune, drummer Von Plastic, percussionist and keyboardist Sylvain Silver, and quickly recorded a three-song EP for Rennes' Ideal Crash label. The band had extensive touring behind them by the time they recorded this EP, notaly a first UK tour. More touring ensued -- with the likes of Dead60's, The Wombats, Why ?, Nelson, Wolfman or The Dodoz-in many countries, including UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Netherland and Spain . And some collaboration with Pete Jones (P.I.L), DJ Sayem and Electroluxe Family has to be noticed. In September 2007 they finish their 10 songs album under the direction of Destroy Smith, Acapulco Rodriguez and Pierre Rougean. The producers\' experience with electronic as well as bands that mix rock, pop and electronica was the final ingredient necessary to realize Bogart genre-beating vision. "Bogart and the Addictives" is a mix of guitars, beats, squeaks, loops, keyboards, and handclaps that evokes the best post-punk dance bands like Gang of Four and gives it a modern boost of energy (Woman in Uniform, Kling Klang Düsseldorf). But, when they don\'t dance, they indulge in personal interpretation of classic rock. Elvis Costello fronting the Velvet Underground in psyché power song Get Rid Early Grey or the decadent/fatale stance of David Bowie in the piano-driven ballad of Mocassine yer Keister. Their cover of Toxic Avengers's "Supeheroes" is released in the US by I Heart Comix Records ( 14/09/07). In January 2008, the US label from Panama City, Branch Records, decide to sign them for a release due in May and a tour in September 08.The French national radio "Le Mouv" selected them for their nationally distributed comp "Les Corsaires du Mouv" (28/03/08).Bon Vivant Records, from Spain and Filthy Little Angels, from UK label did the same. And the band announced their third European tour with gigs in Paris, London, Berlin, Bruxelles and National Open Air Rokaj Fest in Zagreb (Croatia) (04/07/08).

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