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Who's Chuck Fimp?
  • Artist: Bonobos Convergence
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 783707360201
  • Item #: CDBY736020
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 7/11/2006
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Who's Chuck Fimp? on CD

Bonobos Convergence, a 'New Earth Funk Jam Trio.' This is not your typical power trio, nor is it your typical organ trio. The Atlanta based Bonobos Convergence creates an evolution of sound, with roots in the fertile ground between jazz, funk, and pure jam. This immensely talented trio evokes the sound of a full band with their powerfully infectious grooves: a unique sound that compels their audience to dance all night. Both organic and psychedelic, the interchange of energy produced by them will move both your mind and your behind. Review of 'Who's Chuck Fimp?' By Walter Kolosky - Who's Chuck Fimp? is one of those rare CDs that delivers both on monster chops and popular appeal. As a general rule, I don't often get the opportunity to listen to music that I think should be registering on the pop charts. But this is one of the happy exceptions. The album is full of jazz-fusion, blues, jam band energy, engaging lyrics and absorbing hooks. Some tunes on this album should be receiving widespread radio airplay. If anything, since we don't hear it all that often in modern music, the trio's dominant sound is the organ. Because of this, at times BC is very much a modern jam band version of early Grand Funk. Orenstein's singing even sounds like a "cooler version of Mark Farner." If that wasn't weird enough, Registrato's vocals sound like Yes' Jon Anderson, without the reverb! In fact, you would have been hard-pressed to convince me that he is not Jon Anderson on the opening "Whimsical Fantasy." The third member of the band, Vaylor Trucks, does no lead vocalizing, but he kills on guitar. Whether playing a laidback acoustic or burning like an electric mother a la Tommy Bolin, Trucks is a driving force throughout. Who's Chuck Fimp?, one of the best albums of 2006, is evidence of what can be accomplished by terrific, imaginative musicians utilizing the tools of their influences. In the end, this is a unique sound presented in a creative and fun way. I consider myself to be one "chucky limp" to have heard this album. Review of 'Who's Chuck Fimp?' By Rob Johnson - Hittin' The Note magazine (Issue #50) Anybody who has seen Vaylor Trucks play with the Allman Brothers, or his previous band Yeti, knows that the Trucks musical gene didn't skip him. However, Bonobos Convergence is the most fertile musical environment he has ever enjoyed, and his playing on this CD is remarkably fluid, imaginative and melodic. ... Berklee-trained keyboardist Pete Orenstein and drummer Frank Registrato, a veteran of UCF's jazz program, contribute equally to this remarkably full-sounding trio. ... Bonobos [is] one of the most exciting new bands on the scene. Rock power, jazz improv and classical compositional structure all combine to make a glorious noise ... Besides contributing many of the songs, Orenstein's pumping B-3 sound is a cornerstone of the band. His classical chops allow the band to pull off intricate maneuvers that recall prog-rockers like Yes and ELP. ... In a world of copycat jambands, Bonobos Convergence takes a different approach, and they are a band to watch. From the Wakarusa Music Festival Bonobos Convergence played a fiery and precise set of their prog-flavored rock at the Homegrown Stage. Vaylor Trucks proved that Derek isn't the only guitar-playing Trucks worth listening to, mixing fluid lines with Robert Fripp-esque avant-shredding. Keyboardist Pete Orenstein kept the B-3 pulse strong at even the strangest moments, and drummer Frank Registrato plays with a swing and gusto straight out of a jazz big band. When they locked together during the complex progressions and tight transitions that are the hallmark of their music, the collective effect was stunning. As the set ended, one dreadlocked young gentleman exclaimed "That was the best set I've seen all weekend!" Heady praise, bro. 'Though grounded in masterful improvisation, this 3 piece imbibes a sense of groove that keeps their many fans dancing through the entire show. Pete Orenstein (Organ, keys and vocals), on his trade mark bouncy ball, creates a sense of excitement that the crowd feeds on, while Frank Registrato (Drums and vocals) lays down a funky beat that never let's up. Vaylor Trucks (Guitar, bass, Chapman Stick and vocals) constantly keeps the crowd guessing about which instrument he will masterfully play next, weaving thoughtful solos that stick with you. Their songs are amazingly catchy with choruses that people sing in the shower the next day.'

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