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Collection 1925-36
  • Artist: Boswell Sisters
  • Label: Acrobat
  • UPC: 824046320829
  • Item #: 1925778X
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 9/8/2017
  • Rank: 123397
List Price: $16.99
Price: $13.38
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Collection 1925-36 on CD

The Boswell Sisters were arguably the best and most original, influential and innovative vocal group in the annals of popular music. With their upbringing rooted in New Orleans jazz and blues they developed their swinging close harmony sound during the '20s alongside the welter of musical innovations that were happening at the time, recording first for Victor and then for Brunswick and Decca through to 1936. Their appreciation of jazz rhythms and blues inflexions combined with their vocal gymnastics to create a unique sound and style, which resulted in huge record sales, regrettably during the pre-record sales chart era, when hit success could not be readily quantified. They were hugely influential, and The Andrews Sisters freely admit to having based their style on the Boswell Sisters techniques, effectively taking over their role when they retired in the mid-30s in favour of family lives. This great-value 49-track collection comprises a significant proportion of the A and B sides of the 78s they released during their active years, and includes the titles which were their biggest sellers and generally regarded as their most typical and important recordings. It comprises solely recordings by the three Boswell Sisters, and does not include any Connee Boswell solo recordings.