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British Cinema: Drama
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British Cinema: Drama on DVD

Disc One: THE ROUGH & THE SMOOTH: Nadja Tiller is quite perfect as a German nymphomaniac, corrupting all that cross her path. She deftly lures a British archeologist away from a newspaper heiress and their blue blooded London life-style. Lust and betrayal soon begins to haunt the archeologist as he comes to learn his new girlfriend is nothing but a conniving harlot, who is secretly in love with a petty thug. Based on the Robert Maugham story. Released in America under the title: "Portrait of a Sinner". British. 102 min B&W 1959. THE SCAMP: Tod is a motherless boy who is mistreated by his violent father. He eventually finds happiness with kindly foster parents. 86 min. B&W 1957. Disc Two: KILL ME TOMORROW: In this British 'noir', a down-and-out (alcoholic) reporter must cope with a series of personal disasters that begin with the death of his wife in an automobile accident. Next he loses his job. Then he learns that his son must have an expensive eye operation that can only be performed in Switzerland. In desperation he goes back to his old boss and asks for his job back. But upon arriving at his old office, he finds the man dead. But it just gets more bizarre... he is then offered money by the killer, a diamond smuggler, to take the rap for murder. In desperation, the man confesses all to Scotland Yard. Unfortunately, they do not believe him. The smuggler hears of the attempt, and thinking the police believe the reporter, then attempts to prevent the reporter's son's plane from taking off for Switzerland! Now don't touch that dial... you'll have to stay tuned to the bitter end to see how this enjoyable mystery plays out. 74 min B&W 1957. GRAND NATIONAL NIGHT: Gerald's (Nigel Patrick) horse wins the National. Babs, who doesn't seem to like horses much, thinks of divorce, and has a confrontation with her husband. A struggle occurs and she is killed. 80 min B&W 1953.