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Brother Patriot
  • Artist: Brooks Allen
  • UPC: 821736007886
  • Item #: SRD600788
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 10/5/2010
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  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $14.64
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Brother Patriot on CD

Brother Patriot offers a variety of song types and music. Let the dreamy sound in the songs "Quiet Woods" and "Trust Has Fallen" send you somewhere else. The lyrics in "Caught Up in Changes" present a thoughtful perspective about America, and the sentiment in "Always" might remind you of a few salt-of-the-earth folk that you know. "High Dollar Blues" let's go with it's raw barroom live-sound, and "Hands of Fire" honors Old Glory and enflames passion for protecting her - an anthem for today that is sure to stir the soul of every patriot. Here is a review of each of the ten original songs in Brother Patriot. Brooks Allen 1) Slow Me Down: People everywhere are in a hurry, being rushed by time, doing the same thing over and over, yet looking for an outside force to slow them down. 2) High Dollar Blues: It is commonly thought that a man of means has no troubles, but attitudes fostered by those who think ill of him can bring difficulties to several aspects of his life. 3) Caught Up In Changes: An outsider's look at America, pointing to her violent birth, how she has struggled to survive and engage the world, calling for her people to resist the changes from within and to fight for their freedom at home. 4) Triggerman: A message to the one who pulled the trigger, reflecting on better times before he came along, with hints of revenge lurking not far beneath the surface. 5) Quiet Woods: Looking back over time, when being young meant being intimate with abundant woods and fields, which are slowly being replaced by store-lined blacktop streets. 6) US Guys: A tribute to "Us Guys" - the many Americans who live and work in the flyover states, who cling to their religion and their guns, who want less government not more, unlike the policymakers in Washington. 7) Always: A duet about a couple whose lifestyle is simple but they share a great love; they marry, work hard, and stay together into their golden years. 8) Trust Has Fallen: An aged sailor tells of hard times and his eventual loss of trust in others, and he finds himself evoking the enchanted summer wind to sail him out to her harbor where trust abounds. 9) Waiting on the Rain: It was foretold long ago that the "latter rain" would come and bless the earth, and the least among us knows and sees the accompanying signs and we await that rain which is soon to fall. 10) Hands of Fire: A tribute to Old Glory and to the patriots who love and serve our country, a celebration of honor combined with a warning to those who would desecrate arguably the greatest of all US symbols.