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What Do You Want?!!!
  • Artist: The Brothers Comstock
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 783707271309
  • Item #: SRD727130
  • Genre: Children's
  • Release Date: 2/7/2006
  • This product is a special order
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $19.19

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What Do You Want?!!! on CD

THE BROTHERS COMSTOCK: What Do You Want?!!! 2006 NAPPA HONORS AWARD (United Parenting Publications) 2006 BEST CD FOR OLDER KIDS - Children's Music Web 2006 BEST NEW ARTIST/ OLDER KIDS- Children's Music Web 2006 TOP TEN FAMILY CD'S - Kathy O'Connell/ Kids Corner/ WXPN RADIO 'This is the CD you've been looking for. You know, the one for those hard-to-please-I've-heard-everything kids. An edgy, silly, delightfully zany, laugh-out-loud riot. Kids if you can't find your copy it's probably in Dad's CD player!' -John Wood, 'Really good educational themes or sincere social concepts won't mean anything if your listeners don't want to listen to your music in the first place! For sports fans, The Brothers Comstock take that same kind of hard-rocking educational approach to "Gimme Da Ball," a song for all sports. This song became a hit the first time we played it on "Kids Corner." The Brothers Comstock's CD "What Do You Want?" is full of rockin' rhythmic fun, as they prove on the spookiest kids'song ever written-"Monster's Lullaby."' -Kathy O'Connell, WXPN Radio Take the Smothers Brothers, Bill Cosby, Bob Dylan, some Monty Python, throw 'em in a blender and grind them all up. What you end up with is a cool mix of tasty music and comedy from THE BROTHERS COMSTOCK on their debut release "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!!!". This entertaining duo of real life brothers Kurt and Scott Comstock has definitely connected with both children and their parents. If you remember what it was like to be a kid, you'll enjoy and appreciate their clever mix of good songs and warped story telling, and so will your family. This is the sort of album your kids will remember for the rest of their lives, and so will you. - Take a ride with them as you get a mouth full of cavities from the dangerously sweet 'TEN SCOOPS OF SUGAR', and wind up in the dentist chair of the demented 'DR. D.K.' - 'PIRATE STEW' is a healthy mix of song and storytelling with a hilarious but more-than-slightly gross ending that will keep you and your kids howling. - There's a warped little poem about 'CHIPPY THE CHIPMUNK' who' doesn't listen to his mother's warning, and the bass thumping song 'GIMMIE DA BALL' (Give me the ball), every sports fanatic (like Dad) will love. - 'OPIE O'B.O.' is yet another delightful little musical, morality piece about a likable, yet hygienically challenged boy with peculiar body odors. - And lastly, don't ever send the kiddies to bed without a listen to 'MONSTERS LULLABY'... probably the spookiest children's song ever. It's always fun to get a little scared! Although they might be occasionally demented, there are educational and moral undertones to most of the selections - sometimes buried so deep you might never realize it. But who cares? You'll find your kids (and yourself) hooked on the catchy tunes and laughing out loud at the hilarious comedy. So if you want to make your kids really happy, give them what they really need - THE BROTHERS COMSTOCK: WHAT DO YOU WANT?!!! They'll love it!