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Bruise Raw
  • Artist: Bruised But Not Broken
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 634479865961
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  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 8/26/2008
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Bruise Raw on CD

**THIS ALBUM \'BRUISE RAW\' WAS OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED ON 5TH AUGUST 2008** RECENT INTERVIEW: * So what\'s with the Band name Bruised But Not Broken? Well, this actually came from a personal experience in my life. A time of reiterating my own convictions. I found it came to mind whilst in deep thought and I figured at that time, that this \'phrase\' really suited the style of songs and the lyric sentiment in our songs - so there it is... The BBNB band name was born out of struggle & pain - but with the added strength that no matter what we all face in life, we must always realise that tomorrow is another day, and the world is always open to us to bring new possibilities! So we must never \'break\' - even though sometimes it feels as though we are \'broken\', we must always know deep inside that \'this too will pass\' and we must stay strong, keep the faith in ourselves ALIVE and never take any abuse of any sort from anyone. Therefore, yes, we can be bruised - but we must always stay on the path of not being broken. We are stronger than we sometimes give ourselves credit for. Most of our songs reflect the energy of self-power - and remind us that there is no person, place or thing that can ever have any power over us. Yes, I was bruised, as we have all been at one time or another... but damned if I was gonna break! * How and when did you start on your musical journey? As a brother and sister team, Peter & I started about 3 years ago. However we have both been in the music industry for most of our lives; I, Gabriella, as a singer (classically trained) and performing mainly Jazz standards in clubs around town for most of my early career and also teaching. My brother Peter, with a lifetime of musical credits to his name, has always performed in bands across the State and has majored in Classical Guitar & Violin - Peter has a strong love & excels in the Bass Guitar. He is a multi-instrumentalist and is well honored and renowned for his diverse and extraordinary talent. * What kind of music do you like to make? How would you describe your music? Our motto is \'Diversity is the Spice of BBNB\'. Eclectic in overall style, we refuse to be 'boxed in' - therefore we produce many varying genres, from pop, to funk to modrock, power-ballads, psychedelic and even a little softgoth... whatever suits our mood... and as human beings, our moods can change like anyones!!! So we like to cater for each moment and each mood for all who listen to our songs. * Tell us about this current Album \'BRUISE RAW\' BRUISE RAW is our debut Album. All of these particular songs are a reflection of my life and the occurrences in my life at the time of writing, so I guess you can say they are a journal of that period of my life. The Album comprises a very eclectic range of some of our more popular songs to date. BRUISE RAW is mainly upbeat and positive in overall vibe. Lyrically, most of the songs have become widely consumed by a vast audience due to the positive resonance and thought provoking issues surrounding relationship on all levels - physical, spiritual and global. Many of the phrases, lines, or full lyrics of some of the songs from BRUISE RAW have been requested by fans for their use on their websites and/or also in poetry or other writings. * Who is your musical inspiration? Our father was a maestro and very well renowned violinist -he paved the way for both of us and our very earliest memories of music are of Glenn Miller, Cole Porter, and Burt Bacharach. Modern influences are wide and vast. From the Beatles through to LZ, Jacques Brel, Muse, JET... well the list goes on & on... I guess I must mention Billy Joel, as he has played a major role in my personal musical journey, as has Barry Manilow and my forever personal inspiration, Ted Neeley, widely acclaimed for his performance in the original film Jesus Christ Superstar. Also must make mention of Evanescence, Tom Waits, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Michael Jackson, Bee Gees, Neil Sedaka... well, you can see it\'s rather a varied mix of very inspiring artists... however the list still goes on and on! * How do you distinguish yourselves from others? We enjoy producing retro/eclectic style music without the typically expected sound that is marketed today. We like to stay true to our own energy and we have been praised many times for \'bringing real music back\'. Our fans/friends enjoy dancing, singing and even crying along with our songs - they can be quite emotionally charged! Our lyrics have been requested by many fans to be posted on their various website or journals, as they feel they can relate very personally with our lyrics and songs. Live performances are always a treat & everyone has load of fun... we look forward to more of this in the coming months. * Do you write your own songs? We compose, perform, arrange and produce all our own songs. * What is a day like in the life of a musician? A solitary life at times, as one can get caught in the studio, either writing new material or arranging/producing/mastering songs. Also there is much networking and marketing to be done and many people to liaise with during the course of the day to keep it all moving.. The key is movement and never stagnating - not for a moment. Every single day brings new and exciting opportunities. * Any parting shot? We have a driving passion to continue with our growing success and have come to enjoy dramatic success the past year or so with a fast growing fanclub plus several radio features and live interviews in the USA and Germany. We always love to meet new people who appreciate our music. We would also like to connect with producers and A & R people who may like to consider our songs for use in movies, TV, or for other artists to perform via negotiation. We are open to all invitations and all enquiries regarding our songs and we\'re very excited about our current and future ventures. ************** * Current \'fan reviews\' of this album at the time of CDBABY launch; \'This alnum is fantastic Gab and Pete !!! Arrived today and sold 3 already to my friends! BUY IT FOLKS!! If your on this site, you like the music SO come on GUYS. The UK has found BBNB !! Nicky XXXX\' \'Hello Gab and Peter. I just received and listened to Bruise Raw. The album starts out very good, and just before the midway point, absolute greatness bursts forth! Very nicely done indeed! Dennis\' \'Hi, I just got your CD today. It\'s awesome! Thank you! Robert & Ginger\' * Some of our recent peer reviews include: \'Great commercial feel. Shades of Blondie. Excellent guitar/drum work and instrumentation! Liked lyrics especially. Really good dance tune: had me toe-tappin!! Fun song! Nice work. Keep it up!! Ya had the crowd wanting more!!\' \'Love the twin guitar intro; Song is catchy and has a great rock sound. Guitar solo very well played; glad to hear that was included\' \'Besides being a very talented singer/songwriter you seem to also be an awesome and inspiring person! Thanks so much for doing what you do!\' \'Really enjoyed this nice dark atmospheric instrumental layout. Cannot fault this, it's near perfect for this genre\' \'...great groove punk type feel keep up the good work...\' \'Excellent song about how we take all those beautiful times with and qualities of another for granted sometimes in life. Well expressed, well performed, great work by al involved!\' \'great songs and excellent performances\' \'how cool / sweet is this?!?!?!? OH HELL YEAH!... this is Great! Keep up the good work Stay Together... Please... nice job.. stay together!\' \'Great female vocalist, interesting middle section. Very \'listenable\' \' \'Cool...all over! More...please............................\' \'Has got to be the MOST COMPLEX Vocal Arrangements I\'ve ever heard here on Broadjam. Amazing as hell. .... a compliment: Just LOVE those Vocal Arrangements to death. The music was \'properly sparse\', so as the showcase this. Great work.\' **************** Many blessings & peace all around; we hope you enjoy our offerings, and a new album is already currently in the works with a new Producer on board! We also have new live videos lined up for production to add to our existing video selection - 2008/9 are most definately already proving to be our years to shine! Gabriella Paolini (with & for Peter Paolini) Bruised But Not Broken™ AUSTRALIA \'Nothing real can be threatened ... Nothing unreal exists\' *****************.