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Animals Love to Boogie
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Animals Love to Boogie on CD

Bill has been performing his own outdoor educational songs for kids since 1996 all over California, Oregon, and southwest Washington. His music has always accompanied his educational approach while working for public and private environmental education organizations. In 1998, he received a professional development award through Yosemite National Institutes that finally got him in the studio recording his compositions. What resulted was this CD - which is proving to be very popular with bird watchers, scientists, biology teachers, conservationists, students of all ages, and anyone with a melodic passion for natural history. The songs on 'The Animals Love to Boogie' have become very resourceful for teachers to help discuss subjects such as migration, natural cycles, habitat, decomposition, the scientific process, plant reproduction, and land conservation issues. It's all done in a fashion that is fun for children while hip enough for middle and high school students. The lyrics are in the CD insert, which makes it convenient for the listeners to immediately sing along. In addition, within the CD booklet are educational materials and links that accompany each song. 'Buttercup' Bill is not named after the Powder Puff girl, but rather a beautiful yellow flower found throughout the mountains of western North America. Bill was given the name by a group a students one spring day when this particular flower illuminated the slopes of the Greenhorn Mountains. The nick name stuck much longer than the flowers did that spring.