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Wake Up EP
  • Artist: Ray Caleb
  • UPC: 700261302973
  • Item #: SRD130297
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 7/6/2010
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $14.55
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Wake Up EP on CD

Everyone's heart yearns for love. When wires get crossed and the sound of love becomes distorted, our hearts become deafened to the things we truly need. Caleb Ray's message drowns out the noise of everyday life with a message that comes through loud and clear, "Your love is all I need." Though food and shelter are essential to our survival, Caleb argues, "I'd rather be a hobo than a king, with no money, living out on the street; though I'm empty I will always sing, you are all I need." If you take these curious lyrics, add some goofy, yet elaborate acoustic powerhouse riffs, and finish that off with a voice that always goes down smooth, you will discover the sound that is known as Caleb Ray. "My goal is to make honest music," Caleb admits, "music that is serious at heart, but will also tap your toe for you. I desire to make music that people can identify with, understand, and sing along with. " Though Caleb's songwriting focuses on engaging with listeners, his performances take it up a notch by interacting with his audiences. If you attend one of his shows you can expect nothing less than singing along, clapping your hands, dancing, and the possibility of even being pulled on stage and given an instrument. Not one audience member is safe. His music is upbeat, elevating and infectious during live performances. The spectrum of Caleb's concerts includes high energy rock shows with his three piece band, all the way to the most intimate solo acoustic shows. With one full length album and an EP under his belt, and having played with the likes of artists such as Paul Wright, ROOTDOWN, and Falling Up, Caleb plans to play shows all over the west coast over the next year or so. He aspires to one day have a label backing him up so he can reach a much broader audience.