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Carry On Collection: Volume 2
  • UPC: 089859887925
  • Item #: 689108X
  • Genre: Comedy Video
  • Release Date: 6/18/2013
  • Closed Caption: No
  • Original Language: ENG
  • Distributor/Studio: Vci Video
  • Number of Discs: 4
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Carry On Collection: Volume 2 on DVD

CARRY ON HENRY VIII (1971): What could be a more suitable Carry On topic than Henry VIII and his notorious wife trouble? Sidney James plays the rounded monarch with a roving eye. 91 minutes, Color, Not Rated, 1.75:1. CARRY ON AT YOUR CONVENIENCE (1971): The fact that this is set in a toilet factory allows for countless bathroom jokes, innuendos and farces. Allegedly a Carry On version of "I'm Alright Jack". 91 minutes, Color, Not Rated, 1.75:1. CARRY ON MATRON (1972): Sid, Cyril and Ernie are planning to steal a large quantity of contraceptive pills from a local hospital! In order to find the plans to the hospital, Cyril goes in to investigate, dressed in disguise - as a woman! 90 minutes, Color, Not Rated, 1.78:1, Anamorphic. CARRY ON GIRLS (1973): A rundown seaside resort decides to host a beauty contest to improve the town's image. Trouble brews when a local Women's Lib group is determined to sabotage the whole contest! 83 minutes, Color, Not Rated, 1.78:1 Anamorphic. CARRY ON ABROAD (1972): A package holiday abroad turns into a hilarious adventure in the hands of the Carry On crew. 90 minutes, Color, Not Rated, 1.78:1 16x9 anamorphic. CARRY ON DICK (1974): It is 1750 and King George has set up the Bow Street Runners to combat the increase in crime. Many highwaymen are captured, but not Dick Turpin (Sidney James), the most notorious of all. 94 minutes, Color, Not Rated, 4x3 LB, 1.66:1. CARRY ON BEHIND (1976): Anna Vooshka (Elke Sommer) is a Russian archaeologist who has come to England to assist Ronald Crump (Kenneth Williams) and his team of students with an excavation. The place they start digging is a British caravan site and it is the height of the season. Holidaymakers interact with the diggers with hilarious results! 87 minutes, Color, Not Rated, 1.78:1, anamorphic. CARRY ON ENGLAND (1976): Captain S. Melly has been sent to a coed air defense base. His mission? To instill a sense of order in the troops, who are more concerned with capturing the opposite sex than the enemy