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Hard Times
  • Artist: Chris Dylan
  • UPC: 884502675726
  • Item #: CDBY267572
  • Genre: Folk
  • Release Date: 11/16/2010
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  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $17.70
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Hard Times on CD

Modern times or Hard times.Beginning of civilizations dates back to, when is a man a so mentally advanced, that killed a man with a stone or a stick.Human culture has developed later, when the man became a human and started killing people organized then even apologised himself for such action.Modern civilization, covering all areas of human activity, but cleverly hides it's own indigenous characteristics. Time remains the same but only man is changing.Man wastes time and he wastes time for irrelevant things, instead of that He would use him more intelligently and more exploit.Man looking back and mourning hours it has already left behind.Man looking back and be afraid future.Man isn't aware of the truth that in reality everything is past.Man is the product of past.All already occurred.Fate of a man was written down already before big bang before a creation.When time still wasn't running. Whether it ever ran?What is eternity?Or there also is time in eternity? I wonder or I at all was born within right time.Or I didn't miss hour of births, days and years?Moment is transient, he falls apart.Only eternity is eternal and existing. Modern man's wound as alarm clock,strung as a guitar string and empty as a field after harvest, that be at all can understood time and kept in mind him.Hard to grasp him time.Time passes and running away from a man and a man goes crazy because of him.How time passes other living creatures?Or more quickly or more slowly...I think that time isn't measure of years.Time is no measure of time, time is intangible and transient, We can compare him only with this that We say that time is untrue.We are children of the time and place in which live.Time isn't reality If was be was be eternal as place and man.Time and modernity...still I was going crazy because of them.How We can be love compared with time? Both is the untouchable!We feel love, touches us heart and love sets off chemical reactions within our body...Time also felt the same way and also be taken against him at the same time.We can nullify him, kill him.Best weapon against time? Undoubtedly death and pretence that he isn't there. We can control him and We manage him, We only correctly must supervise him.If you ask me, I don't have time and years any more.I don't need them. I live a timeless life, I was younger but I still die.What kind of injustice me was be done that I would be eternally a man in modern times. Time is top noble trap in which entrapment feel as freedom and it is only deception that We aren't aware of her.I don't know what be done... Day is short to me, night is short to me,...Modern people in modern times aimlessly busy, hardly anyone to focusing on the fleeting moment.All is emptily and full at the same time.All is desolately and empty in time. Discovery and human progress are the reason for the awareness that We are already far from the Stone Age, but also the reason for the realization that We made only little in progress (in mental progress) and We are still there where We were at the beginning.If we even didn't backslide and they still more moved away from a God.Relations between people in modern society they are like connections between contemporary devices.All works on impulse, short maturity, uninterested, lightness,... What me means time in which Am given birth and I live?What time serves?Undoubtedly to devil, to fates, past and fututes. Sound of cracked bell is hollow.Also sound of modern times and man.How it echo If all only functions only the speed and sophistication.Or even advanced modern times? Or the man are sophisticated? If you ask me I answeren you with not.It is true that We live in a time of speed and electronics.Just in speed is loop of modernity.Man quickly thinks, quickly thinks, quickly eat...All must delay If we want to feel taste of drink and food! Is not it? Brain is a prerequisite for progress which modern man isn't have.Man times isn't understand so they are not aware How is stupid because it is stupid What is bad for development.Soon a man will not need more brains and sound of cracked bell be sole that him will lie to ears If 'cracked bell' is a modern time. Who doesn't have time that self ties up of commuter on shoes, He doesn't have time that He down to himself, so live with selves with time, modern in mind that is modern.In truth his spiritual and mental development fell down and slowed in modern time.I dare say that the Stone Age is still going on, only that man in his hard times don't kill a man with a stone but with word and stupidity. Crazy world.Crazy hard times.New hard times.Or not really crazy If We compared the madness with untruth.New world. What brings to us?Economic crisis, recession, economic and financial depression, unemployment, battle for survival and freedom, in worst case revenge, fights and war...or with other words 'Era in Hell' on a desert planet Earth.The times are repeating and history is writing history.Abandoned and discarded in the cosmos, with no exit.People are looking for answer to questions and solutions of no output situations. People frenzy and they are escaping for advicesand seek solutions to the wrong places and places...Government falls.People frenzy! State lies. Laws aren't valid and truth gives birth to injustice.Hardly that anyone knows answers on questions that they lead to solutions. I'm can't be among them! Sign of truth is being uncovered and in every bad comes to the surface something of good ~ useful.Reveals the truth on the ground.Sign of truth is being showed.Fell to the truth in every human mind, soul and heart only real time is required for this. Hit will truth on the ground and truth drove away all evily and bad, all dirt and dirt debris which she was gathered with years.The truth will hit on the ground with full his power after untrue time and she created New World, on which they won't be going 'Hard TImes'.