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Songs of Mountain Stream
  • Artist: Christina Smith Anne
  • UPC: 666510046626
  • Item #: 149739X
  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 4/5/2011
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  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $19.11
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Songs of Mountain Stream on CD

Dave... It only seems like yesterday that my wife Delinda and I were sitting outside of our motorhome at the beautiful Mountain Stream RV Park that Chrissy and her husband, Dave owned in North Carolina. Chrissy had brought over this Wal-Mart bag that was filled with songs that she had written. They were only words as she didn't write music, but all of the tunes were carefully stored in her head. As she sat there and began to sing one beautiful song after another I thought to myself, what a talented lady this is...a songwriter, yes, but first and foremost...a poet. She had such a wonderful talent for turning special thoughts into lovely lyrics and sweet melodies. She truly believed that her songs came from the God that she so deeply loved and followed. She could communicate the love of God in such a unique and touching way. It was my pleasure to introduce her to a producer in Nashville who turned her 'bag of lyrics' into this beautiful collection of 'Songs from Mountain Stream.' Dave, this is as short as I could make it...I have so many fond memories of Chrissy and her bubbly personality and true love of life. She will always be a part of Delinda and my lives. Tom Kennington Hi Dave, I think it all started one bright summer Sunday morning about 7:00. Chrissy walked hurriedly in her baggy house coat and floppy eared bunny rabbit shoes up the gravel road to our camper. 'I want to talk to Tom' she said,' to Jo Anne. I think I was still in my pajamas. 'I want you guys to listen to this song I wrote.' she said. As we sat there in the camper she began to sing, 'Blessed people come my way, Filling every need each day, Leaving no debt to repay, Blessed people come my way'. It was the first and a beautiful song. By the next weekend we had learned the song with Chrissy and sang it to the whole campground that Saturday night. It was a big hit. That's how it started, but because of her recordings it will never end. From BLESSED PEOPLE to MY HOME NOW to LORD YOU ARE MY ROCK, THE LITTLE WHITE CHAPEL and HOOK AND ANCHOR, every word of every song came from the heart. With inspiration from above and feelings deep in her heart, Chrissy wrote and sang with truth and emotion. Her songs are her. That's why when the CD stops you just want to start it all over again. Joanne Brooks Dave I have many good memories of our trips to Nashville to meet and record her CD. It was a new experience for both of us. She handled the recording just like a pro. The musicians and backup singers all fell in love with her. Christina loved people and the beauty in the world. It all came out in her music. You could listen to her music and feel the passion. Beauty was Christina. It was a joy to watch her bring a song to life. Edith Cantwell Dave Chrissy and I left to Fan Fair in Nashville in 2002, because her "Chocolate" song went to the Country Charts so she was invited to participate. She was nervous, and, as her acting "manager", I had to keep everything calm and relaxed. She was amazing with the fans. She had smile and a story for each person, and she patiently listened as well. She had touched a lot of people's lives with her music. It was truly an amazing experience. Linda Yount.