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Animal Tales
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Animal Tales on CD

Welcome to Cissy's Musical Story Box The first edition of Cissy's Musical Story Box is 'Animal Tales', a collection of timeless short stories that appeal to the inner child in all of us. They are narrated by Cissy Croat and are set to the musical creations of Charlie Calv. The stories take place all over the world, telling captivating tales of exotic animals and how they've evolved into the beautiful and fascinating creatures they are today. The idea for Cissy's Musical Story Box, came about one evening during a seemingly normal conversation between the creators about spending time with their children. "We were talking about how we love the time we spend reading to our children. However, there are times when we can't be the ones reading and have turned to narrated books for help. We both felt that the audio versions we had heard were often boring, set to music that is nearly unbearable and for lack of a better word, cheesy. So we thought, wouldn't it be great if we could create something that had some cool music to listen too, and an animated voice telling the story". After their first recording session, they knew they could create an audio version of Rudyard Kipling's Just so Stories and Aesop's Fables that would be exciting and pleasurable for both children and their parents. The stories told in "Animal Tales" are great for young children, all the way through adulthood. They tell unbelievable folk tales set to incredibly imaginative music that emphasizes the attributes of the stories' characters. They are engaging, entertaining, and truly enjoyable to listen too. Charlie and Cissy along with some accompanying guitar from Jimmy Leahey have created a delightful collection of narrated, musical stories that leave the listener feeling an overwhelming sense of innocent curiosity and childlike happiness. Narrated by Cissy Croat Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the narrator and co-creator of Cissy's Musical Story Box, Cissy Croat. Cissy is a new comer to the recording world but has been reading stories aloud for as long as she can remember. As a Mother and a childcare provider by profession, she has read countless stories to dozens of little ones. She loves the time she spends reading to her children and says she hopes Cissy's Musical Story Box will bring the same joy to other parents. Cissy lives in Hunderdon County New Jersey with her husband Joe, and has three children, Devon, Anna and Joseph. When she is not working or recording, she enjoys spending time with her family, relaxing on the beach with a good book, and gardening. Produced & Arranged by Charlie Calv Meet Charlie Calv. Charlie is the co-creator, producer, and musical mind behind Cissy's Musical Story Box. He is a husband, father of 3 boys, and professional musician. Charlie wanted to create a product that children would love, and that would be enjoyable for their parents as well. He feels that the music behind the narration is a key element and is as important to setting the mood and tone as the words themselves. Charlie has an extensive background in creating music as he has been writing and recording for over thirty years. He has played in small clubs and major venues all over the world and has been featured in magazines such as Melody Maker, Kerrang, Burnn!, and has been featured on networks such as MTV and VH1. Charlie also lives in Hunterdon County with his wife, Robin and 3 children, Cameron, Julian, and Brendan.