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Thinking of You/ Let Me Hold You Tight
  • Artist: Cobra Heart Band
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 708234081726
  • Item #: 144981X
  • Genre: Soul/R & B
  • Release Date: 8/17/2010
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Price: $30.20
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Thinking of You/ Let Me Hold You Tight on LP

The Cobra Heart Band 'Thinking Of You' In Brian Goucher's personal top ten published in 'Voices From The Shadows" magazine issue 19 which surfaced in the autumn of 1991.'Having picked this up some eight months ago now, this tune has been played virtually every day and I actually rate this as one of my best buys for 1991. Released in 1983, this track boasts some of the most soulful guitar work around, teasing and tempting the best out of our male lead who sings from the off as if his very life depends on it. Female backing is kept well to the back of the mix. Quite simply a deep soul classic in the making here,no doubt about it. Can and will stand shoulder to shoulder with any other tune you care to mention. Eternal thanks to Ian Faulkner who if I remember correctly, simply said 'A nice ballad'. Ho Ho Ho.' Brian Goucher From Producer Michael Stokes I am still in touch with Travis Brown the bass player, Sheila Grumbach, Robin Hurst, Doyle Wood, and Leroy McKinney a drummer and personal friend that made up the rhythm section of the band. So you see the Cobra Heart Band was a multi-task and versatile band. The band was made up of mostly military personnel, so when Uncle Sam AKA the Army says you have to go, you have to go. The band started to loose the members one after another due to the military shipping them off to other states and other countries. Now here in 2009 we are getting it back in stride........ Thank You for loving 'Thinking Of You' We recorded this song in 1983 in Daxwood Recording Studio, Fayetteville NC. I have been fortunate to have stayed in this crazy music business and as a publisher and producer, recorded 100s of songs since! Needless to say I was very surprised when earlier this year I received an email from Brian Goucher in the UK informing me of the popularity of this song among collectors and soul fans! Brian then introduced me to Soul Discovery DJ Mick O'Donnell! These two UK lads are the inspiration for this 2009 release! After finding Michael Stokes (Texas) and Travis Brown (Atlanta, Ga), founding members of Cobra Heart, we had a 2009 Reunion Recording Session here at Daxwood. We recorded several songs and are looking forward to a full 8 to 12 song project next year! For now with the reissue of 'Thinking Of You' we are introducing a new B side. This is a M Stokes and T Brown song called 'Let Me Hold You Tight'. In the Cobra Heart tradition we added veteran studio players Richard Gates (drums), Carl Greeson (keys and B3), and a new powerful voice 'Royale'. As in 1983 I consider it an honor to play guitar with these talented writers and lifelong friends!! Doyle Wood-Daxwood Records.