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BE COMPETENT! THE COMPETENCE MOVEMENT is a post-industrial music, film and literary collective founded in 2023 by artists whose works were derailed by the pandemic. To quote from The Competence Manifesto, "The gulf between the complexity of systems and the human's ability to navigate them has never been greater... "

MUSIC FOR BASIC FUNCTIONALITY is a digital music album of lectures on how to navigate the collapse of western civilization via social psychology, political theory and personal experience. Set to electronic and psychedelic music by members of The Underground Youth, Patheticist International, Surrealist Temple Band, Dada Jung Riley and Morbid Books, the album was recorded in three days and showcased at the 8MM Bar in Berlin in February, 2023, as a demonstration of competence in practice.

MUSIC FOR BASIC FUNCTIONALITY: A USER'S MANUAL is the physical release: a 64-page printed magazine that can be read in isolation or in conjunction with the musical lectures. Comes with free streaming and music downloads from thecompetencemovement. Bandcamp. com.

Featuring original material by Craig Dyer (The Underground Youth), Ian F. Svenonius (ESCAPE-ism & The Make-Up), Saul Adamczewski (Fat White Family / Insecure Men / Patheticist International), Daniel Hand (White Devil Disco / Surrealist Temple Band), Adrian Charvat (Dada Jung Riley), Tommy Hazard (Morbid Books), "MrPikes," Olya Dyer (The Underground Youth), Owen Godbert (Through the Eyes of Ruby), Luke Mayes (Rick Owens / Owenscorp), Anna Sebastian (Morbid Books), Palina Tsvirko & Lev Parker (Morbid Books / Surrealist Temple Band).

Published by Morbid Books.