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  • Artist: Cosmic Armchair
  • Label: Alfa Matrix
  • UPC: 882951023822
  • Item #: 1982866X
  • Genre: Electronic
  • Release Date: 1/19/2018
  • Rank: 256908
Price: $15.86
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Contact on CD

It was in June 2014 when Alfa Matrix proudly presented the first EP "We Are Watching" of their amazing new signing from Singapore: Cosmic Armchair. What followed were numerous live performances across Asia, several radio and TV shows and more and more international collaborations (remix and featurings) as well as contributions to high-profile compilations (with among others tribute cover versions of THE CURE and FRONT 242), including the international success of their latest club hit "I Don't Belong Here". Fresh from their recent performances in Tokyo, Chiba, and Singapore, Cosmic Armchair are finally ready with their much anticipated first full length album "Contact", revealing the band's unique blend of synth-pop / electro dance / EDM / New Wave with sensual catchy female vocals. Evoking comparisons with bands like DEPECHE MODE, PET SHOP BOYS, GOLDFRAPP, but also LA ROUX, SAINT ETIENNE, THE SOUNDS or yet CHICANE, Cosmic Armchair brilliantly mix less-is-more moody synth pop tunes with ethereal vocals and other more aggressive modern electro house dance floor tracks. They deliver compelling relentless catchy tunes revealing the band's self-assured club determination at it's best like "I Don't Belong Here", "Conversations", "Just One Look", as well as the euphoric "Higher" or the more frontal and hammering EBM/future pop cuts "When Will You Learn" and the almost destructive "Cannonballs". But Cosmic Armchair can also reveal the band's intriguing fragile and lighter side with slower 80's ethereal synth pop songs like the sweet and moody "Valentine", the retro e-pop "Impossible", the break beat "Grey" which was recorded for the launch of the Asian card game MegaCorp or some stunning tunes ("After The Rain") reflecting the band's deep Asian musical influences through guest performances on Pipa and Erhu by veteran Chinese chamber musicians. This is alternative electro pop music with an edgy commercial appeal.