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Jam Disc 5-Acoustic Dreams
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Jam Disc 5-Acoustic Dreams on CD

How much time do you spend in the future? How much time do you spend in the past? When will you return? Suppose that you subtract everything in the conscious mind that is not directly related to the past, nor is it related to the future. What will be left? These are the key questions forming the basis for the project 'A Crack in Time and the Break of Dawn', a musical and artistical expedition reaching out for the ever-present, everlasting Now. In a remote area of Norway, surrounded by mountains and forests, lies the studio 'Aagseth Studios'. On the 19. Of August 2005, a group of musicians and artists gathered for a full 48 hours with the purpose of creating a 'virtual music CD' based on improvised experimental jam music and digital video art. Microphones were placed both inside and outside of the building. All activity within the duration of the project were recorded: improvised experimental jam music, spontanious conversation and natural ambiences alike. There were live-rooms for drum-kits, electric guitars, bass and trumpet. An acoustic room for acoustic guitars, harmonica and percussion, a vocal room for vocals, flute and computer/sound-effects, a conversation room for philosophical discussion, and a mixing room to tie it all together in real-time. Microphones were placed outside and around the studio to capture outside activity and ambiences from the surrounding forest. Visual artists and musicians were working in parallell, encouraged to let their actions become totally spontanious based on the creative flow of the moment.. This is the fifth CD in a series of all improvised experimental jam music spawn from the project 'A Crack in Time and the Break of Dawn'..