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Cross My Heart / Pure Luck (Martin Short Double Feature) on Blu-ray

Cross My Heart | Pure Luck - A Martin Short Double Feature [Blu-ray]

Cross My Heart

Share the misery of a disastrous night out in Cross My Heart, a frank and funny look at romantic facades and sexual mores in the confusing world of the '80s. It's the third date for David (Martin Short), who's so desperate to impress Kathy (Annette O'Toole) that he borrows his friend's new car, gets the keys to a posh apartment, and tells her he's received a promotion when he's actually been fired. Kathy has her secrets too, specifically an addiction to nicotine and a seven-year-old daughter. As the date gr

Director: Armyan Bernstein is a director, producer and writer, known for producing The Hurricane (1999), Open Range (2003) and Children of Men (2006). Bernstein founded Beacon Communications in 1990, which has become one of the most successful independently financed film companies in the entertainment business.

  • “What director Armyan Bernstein does with this premise is courageous and ambitious…” - Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times
  • “The talented actors form a nice comic duo…” - Juan Carlos Coto, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
  • “Short and O'Toole make a surprisingly charming pair.” – Scott Weinberg,

Pure Luck

A remake of the popular French comedy film La Chèvre (1981), daughter of a wealthy businessman (Sheila Kelley) has disappeared in Mexico, all previous efforts to find her have been unsuccessful. A psychologist, knowing that the women has phenomenally bad luck, persuades her father to send one of his employees (Martin Short) to Mexico to find her, an accountant with equally bad luck. Maybe his bad luck and her bad luck could lead to a lucky outcome together?

Director: Nadia Tass is one of Australia's most respected and unique filmmakers. Known for directing Australian classic films "Malcolm", "The Big Steal" and "Amy". She has directed films for major studios in Hollywood and has garnered 68 international awards including from the Cannes Film Festival, Milan International Film Festival, and Venice Film Festival. Her first feature in the US was "Pure Luck" starring Danny Glover and Martin Short.

  • “…he [Short] executes his comic business with such undaunted elan that it's impossible not to be won over.” – Hal Hinson, The Washington Post
  • “A good deal of the stuff lands on Glover, and as he showed in the "Lethal Weapon" films, he makes a stellar straight man.” – Hal Hinson, The Washington Post