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Kid's Fun Learning Chinese Language
  • Artist: He Cuishan
  • UPC: 884501264914
  • Item #: CDBY126491
  • Genre: Children's
  • Release Date: 5/1/2010
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $13.79
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Kid's Fun Learning Chinese Language on CD

We are a married couple (American black husband & China Chinese wife, you can see our photos on the CDs) who founded a company called 'Fun Learning Chinese Language' because we have such a strong passion for improving communication between America and China because there are so many misunderstandings in the minds of both sides. Likewise we have a great passion for raising the level of interest and improving people's learning Chinese language and culture. Last but not least, our goal is helping children gain an advantage over their peers by learning the language which will soon prove itself to be the most important language in the world, after English. Thus we have created several CD seminars: 1) 'Fun Learning Chinese Language--Travel In China Vol.1.' 2) 'Fun Learning Chinese Language--Travel In China Vol.2.' 3) 'Kids' Fun Learning Chinese Language--Family & Friends.' Each CD Seminar has a unique fun approach to learn a very difficult language and making you better understand the such a very different culture. On top of that, we have much more competitive prices for your money compared to all other language seminars on the market. And don't forget, our children's seminar product is the First-Ever Chinese teaching CD seminar JUST for kids!! All other Chinese teaching materials for kids in the market now are DVDs, flash cards or software, but No CDs yet. Please note: CDs have two advantages: 1) On-the-go advantage: you can play them any time and any place -- they are always very convenient to access and start to learn. 2) To listen to and then mimic is the best process for language learning. Due to various visual gimmicks DVDs always distract learners from concentrating on the listening aspect which is the most important part, flash cards are only good as a supplementary tool to be used with more effective learning methods, and software tends to be a bit too cumbersome and therefore too many distractions for most individuals. Now it is time to introduce you all to the artists for these albums: The husband--Thad Hughes, (a part-time author who wrote a book called '201 Reasons Not To Trust Police' in 1999 and had a success) has written a book called 'My Chinese Wedding.' It is attached with a free DVD of our traditional Chinese wedding which is now rare in China because most Chinese have Western style wedding ceremonies. You are welcome to check out all of our products on our website:, as well as soon to come on Amazon, CDbaby, ITunes, ebay, etc. Thad Hughes wrote the two "Travel In China" CD's due to the experiences which he personally encountered while traveling to China eight times and learning four different Mandarin Chinese seminars. He felt a strong need to create something very different from other Mandarin seminars. He saw a need in the market place for language seminars that could better assist learners by helping them really love learning Mandarin as he does! He discussed creating such products with his wife and they came up with the idea of making fun-approach seminars for both adults and children! Therefore, you will hear very culturally shocking stories to make you laugh and understand the culture more and thereby like the language more! You will also notice our word pronunciations are more clear and more melodious because Cuishan He's Mandarin is always clearer and easier to understand than other Mandarin seminar voices. The wife, Cuishan He, from Chongqing China, who has two bachelor degrees, one in English and one in business, is a very versatile artist who used to be an English teacher in China with students between the ages of 6 to 50-years-old. She has 3 years' experience in children education. She is also an excellent artistic painter of Chinese paintings. Her paintings are now located in many different countries: America, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, China and Africa. Cuishan He wrote the Kids' seminar and did the editing. In addition, she performed all five different vocals on the kid's seminar. Last but nor least, she was the designer of the artwork for all "Fun Learning Chinese Language" CDs, as well as the wedding book and it's DVD. And the music composer, Tommi Valentino, the husband's best friend, created all of the music in all CDs which are so extraordinary! When we introduced him to how Leehom Wang's music sounded, he quickly grasped the spirit of successful Chinese style hip-hop. He quickly found the Erhu (the two-string Chinese instrument) element, and successfully created our very unique music just for our seminars! For the kids' CD, he was creative enough to make a soundtrack at the end of the lessons which turned out to be an impressive review of the previous lessons, thus it makes the learning more enjoyable and more effective! Thanks a lot for reading about our Chinese language products even if you do not buy any of them yet, thanks for showing interest in Chinese language learning, and thanks a lot to Mom (the wife's mom who died this March and did not have a chance to see our products get released, her son-in-law also called her Mom because they loved each other) for always being supportive to whatever we do, like giving your precious baby daughter to marry a so far-away American black guy, and trusting in your son-in-law and in our business, we believe that you can see our success in heaven there and bless us!! Xie xie ni, Mama!