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  • Artist: D.D. Colvin
  • UPC: 884502174830
  • Item #: SRD217483
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 12/15/2009
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Sojourn on CD

D D Colvin was a child born in the seventies, the decade of both hope and despair, a theme embodied in the music of Sojourn. This debut album has been mixed and mastered by Michael Zimmerling (with credits on Simply Red, David Sylvian, Madness, Marc Almond among many, many others) to amazing effect. All the songs have been written, recorded and performed by D D Colvin, including mellotron, guitars, keyboards, bass, midi drum programming, slide guitar and vocals. The rich textures and subtle layers enhance a set of classic songs that are designed and arranged to form a complete artistic work. The music reflects both modern and classic rock genres with touches of alternative, avante garde, blues and progressive rock. 'As I was developing the songs and placing them in an order that kept a kinetic energy, I came up with the idea of separating the music into two virtual sides. To achieve this sense of separation I wrote an instrumental piece of whimsy called 'Musical Interlude'. These songs represent who I am, my hopes and my fears and empathy with tragedy and loss as well as themes of joy and love. I hope you enjoy them and that they find a place in your collection and heart.' (Darren David Colvin 2009) Here's what people are saying on myspace: Chambers of Hell: 'This would appear to be another gem - I think I've reviewed this artist before and been similarly impressed. The track just works. It is well recorded and mixed in my opinion, with a great sense of atmosphere. I think the change in dynamic into and through the keys solo is marvellous. The performance, to my ears seems pretty much as good as you're ever likely to get' 'Now, if you think that the verses and melody are cool, listen to the orchestration that follows. There you are treated to a beautiful instrumental that seems inspired by the Moody Blues and Styx. D D Colvin is taking the best vibes of the late 1970's and mixing them together to make his own niche. He is nothing short of amazing.' Torn: ''Torn' begins like some sci-fi dream. You keep drifting until the swing beat comes in, out of place, yet so cool, in such a jazzy way on the drums. Then the vocals come in with a haunting mysteriousness about them. Each phrase, each verbal thought, allures you to the next passage. Throughout the work are varying genres: ambience, jazz, rock even a bit of Native American.' Changing Tide: 'The song is lonely and heart yearning. You feel it right from the start. And the beautiful instrumental that ends this song adds incredible soundscapes to the work.'