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  • Artist: Dan Devine
  • UPC: 884501352734
  • Item #: CDBY135273
  • Genre: Christian
  • Release Date: 6/29/2010
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  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $11.68
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Home on CD

This is a collection of songs uniquely crafted to reflect the truth that our ultimate home is in heaven, not on earth, and that our lives have a greater meaning--and a greater destiny--than exists in what is measurable by human hands and minds, or controlable by human effort. At times raw and unnerving, at times comforting and fun, these songs, rooted in real life, touch upon a range of human emotions and do not hold anything back. Like a good movie, the song collection in it's entirety provides answers that satisfy the listener, but also raises enough questions to make one want to listen again and ponder the universal issues that the songs reference. Many of the songs in this collection grew out of the artist's personal involvement in ministry to the homeless, the lonely and rejected, and those suffering from addictions. This window outward at others is balanced by a view inward at the artist's own poverty of soul and hunger for spiritual freedom. From these two vantages, a declaration of justice emerges, deeply embedded in the songs--justice of the only kind that is satisfying and sufficient: God's justice. Stylistically, this collection is clearly based in folk and roots music, but it is not at all the bland musical fare commonly produced by guitar wielding singer-songwriters. The stirring presence of Devine's vocals floating above a tinny, sparkling Dobro accompaniment collectively comprise the common denominator for all the tracks in the collection, but there is enough variety in style and additional instumentation from song to song to keep things interesting. Treasures Of The Heart has a typical bluegrass feel, but an unorthodox song structure, while the rhythm section in God Will Not Fail Me is informed by Cuban jazz. The chugging acoustic guitar rhythms in Standing At the Door are funky, with an outburst of West African-sounding drums at the opening of the bridge, and the murky melodica and synth atmospheres in Love Is Eternal have a mysterious, Eastern flow to them. Devine's crude but substantial harmonica is also featured in many of the songs, giving the album a bit of a Dylanesque flavor at times. This is the kind of disc that is enjoyable and meaningful on several levels. Give it a spin and hum along and tap your toe to it, or spend some time alone with it and listen intently to the lyrics--it will speak to you. These are excellent songs that only get better with repeated listening--a rare gem in the vast landscape of independent artist releases available today.