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Cold Sounds
  • Artist: Dane Moss
  • UPC: 884502699302
  • Item #: CDBY269930
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 9/28/2010
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Cold Sounds on CD

Slip away outside of yourself, let go, and phase through the physical matter of your environment, eyes closed... From ribbons of intangible feelings and images, Dane Moss crafts for you a portal into their unusual minds. Explore their darkness, and then refresh with the exhilaration of lust, the rush of balancing deep pain with radiant love. Dane Moss paints the backdrop of their personal stories with a broad set of acoustic and electronic instrumentation. Nathan Dane delivers the lyrics with an easy flow and in rich layers that fill you up like your deepest breath. Ben Moss unfurls his electric guitar with the deep and sorrowful tones of a nomadic soul searching for something lost in life, floating from phrase to phrase with brilliant countermelodies and expansive textures. They experiment with a unique combination of alternative rock vocals, new age and rock composition, alternating time signatures, and beats that bridge hip-hop and rock. At times, Dane Moss will linger and levitate, while at others they are on the move, pulsing and alive. Cold Sounds is their third album (the first to have wide distribution), and was self-produced, brought to life entirely by the adept hands of the artists themselves. Cold Sounds also features the extraordinary drumming talents of Jim Bonomo, also known as Burrote', on Nowhere and Our Way. Robert McAfee's bass playing appears on Gathering Of Voices, and his drums appear on Running Out Of Time. Jessica Rendon provides background vocals on World Tree. Drums on Nowhere recorded by John Marshall. Album artwork credits go to Alex Savage for his photography (see more at, and the arrangement is done by Duane Mullen and Nathan Dane. And a special thanks to Alex Savage, Jessica Rendon, John Creed, and Anna Dane.