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And Truth Is Spectacular
  • Artist: Danny Bakan
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 676868142925
  • Item #: SRD814292
  • Genre: Folk
  • Release Date: 6/20/2006
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  • Rank: 1000000000
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And Truth Is Spectacular on CD

'... an exceptionally solid and entertaining recording... a talented songwriter... outstanding songs... a pleasurable discovery' - Sing Out! 'Not just one or two great songs with decent filler; instead, these are powerful, full-bodied songs, sung from the heart without preaching, without pretension.' -Steve Fruitman - CIUT-FM '...nothing short of amazing!" - Jim Marino, CFMU Hamilton ======== Sing Out! The Folk Song Magazine (Full Review) Winter, 2006 by Rich Warren Danny Bakan invites you into his second recording with the welcoming 'Here,' a song affirming life. He continues with the upbeat '84,000 Ways,' that insists that as long as love is involved, there's no one right way or right couple to raise a child. Thus, the CD grabs you from the start. Bakan exudes warmth in this recording, as well as a deep connectedness to his music. Although produced by Glen Marshall, there's a lot of Tom Leighton's (of Haines and Leighton) influence on this CD, especially Leighton's fluid, rollicking accordion playing. Bakan plays a variety of banjos (and banjo styles) as well as guitar. Another half dozen musicians make varying contributions on varying tracks. He also employs a choir of friends for vocal harmonies. Musically this is an exceptionally solid and entertaining recording and Bakan proves himself a talented songwriter on 12 of the 13 tracks. He throws in his instrumental arrangement of the traditional 'Bonaparte Crosses the Rhine' for seasoning. A few other outstanding songs include 'How the Mighty Fall' inspired by Conrad Black's publishing scandal, about how ultimately no one is beyond the reach of the law and 'The Twin Towers of Babel' a unique observation comparing the Tower with the destruction of the World Trade Center, positing that overarching pride and the inability to communicate brought all down. It's a disturbing, but mightily moving song. Bakan concludes the CD with the simple love song 'The Way of the Heart,' advising to live true to the moment and follow your heart. I only wish instead of bits and pieces of artifacts in the multi-page booklet he included the lyrics instead of making the listener go to his web site. If you're looking for a new singer-songwriter, Bakan would be a pleasurable discovery.