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Make Right the Time
  • Artist: Danny Schmidt
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 800314444527
  • Item #: CDBY444452
  • Genre: Folk
  • Release Date: 5/23/2003
Price: $22.18
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Make Right the Time on CD

HERE'S WHAT SOME FOLKS HAVE SAID: 'I've not felt a performance with this much intensity since I saw Neil Young solo years ago. Nor have I heard songwriting with this much subtlety of craftsmanship since Leonard Cohen. I was completely floored.' ~ Henri Simmons, from The Filter 'I have rarely, if ever, been so moved or impressed by an artist as I have by Danny Schmidt. What else can I say, the guitar work strikes me like none other I have heard in my long life of playing guitar myself . . . Check him out, no matter what kind of music you like, check him out! I guarantee you, if you don't you are missing one of life's treats.' ~ Bill Bruedigam, Inside Indie Music 'He's as witty as a Cafe Wha?-era Dylan, his voice expressive and world-weary as an Appalachian plowman.' ~ Internet Songwriters' Guild Top 10 'Danny Schmidt's done it again. One of the country's best singer-songwriters, the Charlottesville, Virginia-based musician has released yet another masterpiece, only a year or so after his successful Live at the Prism Coffeehouse.' ~ Les Reynolds, from Indie Music Magazine 'One of my favorite singer-songwriters. A haunting, ageless voice; melodies that are both simple & original; wry, moving lyrics; a guitar style that's as organic as it is unpredictable. What force is he tapping into, anyway?' ~ Brady Earnhart, exceptional Virginia-based singer/songwriter 'It's honest, bare bones storytelling at it's best. It's such a warm and inviting recording, you're waiting for the audience's applause after each track.' ~ Tori Mazur, Music Beyond Radio 'Danny plays a guitar as natural as he breathes -- he has some seriously tasty songs and a debut CD that mesmerizes.' ~ Mary Sue Twohy, exceptional DC-based singer/songwriter 'Choosing a language that is subtle, imaginative and yet intrinsically moral, he imbues these songs with a sense of personal pathos that removes the issues from the politics of the headlines and brings them back home to whence they sprang in the first place. . . It's this elemental beauty -- the way the guitar feels tuned to the chords of the central nervous system, the way Schmidt and Wood's voices interact knowingly -- that sets this music apart. If there's a better local release this year than Enjoying the Fall, I'll be surprised (and thrilled to hear it).' ~ Keith Morris, the Charlottesville Daily Progress 'We just want to let you know how much you rocked us here at STIRadio. We run over 450 internet radio stations, and that keeps us pretty much on the go. But you made us stop and just listen for a day. . . A whole day we listened to what you had to say. You have God in you. Thank you for sharing God with us. We will be putting your heart on our stations today. We hope that STIRadio can help get you to more people.' ~ an email to Danny from STIRadio.

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