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Feast of the Horsepeople
  • Artist: David Hasselhoff on Acid
  • UPC: 885767667099
  • Item #: 153678X
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 5/24/2011
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Feast of the Horsepeople on CD

Imagine the soundtrack playing in David Hasselhoff's head as he's munching his junior bacon cheeseburger off the floor several hours after eating 12 hits of acid and slamming three quarters of a bottle of Patron, but just before he blows his brains out all over the wall; ... because even he can't take the overwhelming awe of the reality of existence and the beauty of life on this planet. Well that's how the band describes itself when asked anyway. David Hasselhoff on Acid, aka DHOA, has been on the Kansas City and Lawrence music scene since late 2008. Known for being the tightest band in KC, this overpowering instrumental four piece is nothing less than a breathtaking rollercoaster ride of psychedelic, progressive rock. These musical technicians somehow move from funk to jazz while always maintaining their heavy melodic rock sound. Getting compared to groups such as Mr. Bungle, Primus and The Mars Volta doesn't hurt, but DHOA is determined to break free from all classification. One music writer recounts his experience after watching their 2009 Wakarusa set: "The air around me gets cooler, my body tenses up, and I start questioning every notion, for good or ill, passing through my mind." "Their barnstorming sound threw a melodic grenade into the overflowing crowd. The best we can do is grab onto something nailed to the floor and hang on for mercy while they take us for a ride." ( ROVING FESTIVAL WRITER, LLC David Hasselhoff on Acid has changed forms several times over the past 3 years replacing a drummer and several guitar players as well as constantly morphing and refining their sound. DHOA consists of Phil Wolf (guitar) and Erich Thomas (bass), the bands two core members, along with current drummer Zach Legler and guitarist Mike Corte. The band has graced the stages of Wakarusa, The Uptown Theatre in Kansas City and The Granada in Lawrence, but prefers smaller more intimate shows that draw strictly their fan base. Hasselhoff shows are all about the full encompassing experience; not only the music but the visual spectacle as well. Besides the typical fog, strobes and lasers, you may find that one show will be played from behind a movie screen and the next may have fire spinners and yo-yo masters on stage. The energy this band gives out at shows draws a crowd mostly made up of musicians and true music lovers. This is not a pop rock group meant to appeal to everyone. On their travels around the country however, they have found that many people are very receptive to the strange sounds blasting from the frenzied lunatics they see on stage. Even though DHOA has been playing shows for over 3 years, they are releasing their first ever album April 16th 2011 at The Riot Room. Along with 60 minutes of fully mastered music, they will also be releasing a live DVD recorded last year.