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Sands of Time
  • Artist: David Swendig
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 825346921624
  • Item #: CDBY692162
  • Genre: New Age
  • Release Date: 3/23/2005
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $8.70
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Sands of Time on CD

Date: 4/9/05 WOW!! i am totally blown away by the majesty and grandeur of this CD!!I feel like I have been transported back into that mystical period of time. It is so POWERFUL, hypnotic and just plain ole incredible! Kudos to you David! You have done a masterful job in creating this musical tribute to the Egyptian time period. God has truly gifted you with musical ability and I am happy to be able to share (by listening) the power that has been presented to you. Thank you so much for sharing such beauty! I have played this CD non-stop at work since receiving it in Friday's mail. I am not a 'New Age' listener per se but your talented endeavors have truly captured my soul! I can honestly say that I love every single track. Thanks once again for the pleasure I am receiving from listening to this 'magical and magnificent' CD. From Patty Rodriguez Sent: 4/8/05 Subject: Sands of Time Hi, David! I just got the 'Sands of Time' CD that you sent and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! It is totally awesome! That is definitely my kind of music....Thank you so much for sending it to me. I will recommend it to everyone I know. Good luck to you! Lynn and Justin Hi Dave- I found your CD exotic, exhilirating and scary in spots. It's the sort of music that makes your imagination go wild!!! I liked it and I think it would be great to meditate to. I can't wait for your next CD. Amie Heath November 1,2007 From: Ibellydance David: You have unparalleled talent. Your album is awe-inspiring. Fabulous... Marvelous... and Superb. Can I say more? David Swendig A Short Biography I'm a songwriter and a producer of my own music. I've been playing piano for 47 years and electronic keyboards and synthesizers since 1975. I played in the rock bands for 20 years gaining experience in songwriting, creative keyboard and sound effects applications. In every band that I played in I composed short intros to some of the songs that we had written. This developed into my writing of longer intros and then eventually keyboard solos that were included into the sets that our bands would play. Even though I very much enjoyed playing with the bands, I had to quit them because of the instability and the unreliability of other musicians. Therefore, in 1995, I chose to go solo with my musical career. In 2001 I purchased a state-of the-art Digital Audio Workstation. With this DAW, all my keyboards and sound modules, I was able to write, critique, and rewrite musical compositions at my leisure without having to pay for expensive studio time. And so came the development of my first album, 'The Sands of Time.' It was tough making this album only because I like to play many different styles of music and I had to stick to my guns to finish it before I could move on and do other music. I love to study and learn about history. I've always been fascinated in the ancient Egyptians and the mysteries that come with their civilization since I first learned about them as a little boy of five. With the creation of 'The Sands of Time' album I've finally been able to portray my imaginary thoughts of this ancient world through music. I've already had public performances and radio airplay with the songs on this album and have gotten some great responses from it. I plan to continue pursuing more radio airplay locally, across the country and other countries throughout the world. Some of my other musical career goals are to get my music put into the film, television and radio industries. I really like writing music that can take your mind and heart places. I love good toe-tapping rhythms along with tranquil and mellow music. I also plan on writing and recording piano solo music, some new world beat tunes, some sci-fi movie soundtracking, and a very scary Halloween album that I've been working on for years now. I can't wait to get all this music out of me! It just keeps flowing from my head like a spring that won't quit. As far as my solo career is concerned, I'm just getting started. There are many more albums to come and many more genres to play. My spiritial goal is to get as much beautiful, new and different music that I can create to the people of the world for as long as I live; with the help of God.