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Chocolate Bar
  • Artist: David Williams
  • Label: CD Baby
  • UPC: 845121029871
  • Item #: 145565X
  • Genre: Folk
  • Release Date: 1/4/2011
  • Rank: 1000000000
Price: $18.56
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Chocolate Bar on CD

As a singer-songwriter, Williams is known for his way with words and melodies that conjure up the American musical landscape. These 14 new songs by Williams are funny, sad, moving, detailing the grit, grime, and hope of the americana map. David is a songwriter of great complexity, but he is also a well-published cartoonist and short story writer, and his songs have a literary quality that take us into the world with new appreciation. David's work for PBS won him a songwriting Emmy in 2009, and his songs on YouTube have had over 30 million hits. 1. Chocolate Bar [4:47 contemporary americana/folk RECOMMENDED #2 Humorous & charming song about girl wanting to eat chocolate yet not get fat. 2. World Love [5:59] contemporary americana/folk/bluegrass RECOMMENDED #1 Anthem about the 60s, our past mistakes, and hope. 3. Hick Town [4:10] contemporary americana/folk RECOMMENDED Life in a Midwest town-humorous, poignant. 4. Grandma [3:20] folk Life story 5. Human/Inhuman [4:52] contemporary americana/folk Humorous take on people. 6. Dropped Your Comb [3:48] folk/blues Bluesy 7. Misfits [4:26] contemporary americana/folk RECOMMENDED Tale of two lovers, a cinematic Western. 8. Rock Shop Girl [3:23] contemporary folk Humorous story of lust for rock shop girl. 9. Old Death [3:56] americana/bluegrass A kind of incantation about the inevitable. 10. You Can't Catch Me [3:33] americana, folk RECOMMENDED Trickster figure tale about character that won't sell out. 11. Mama [4:25] folk Life story. 12. Got to Go To Heaven [4:29] folk/bluegrass Humorous take on religion. 13. I Don't Want No One By You [3:39] country Love song. 14. Big Blue Rock [4:10] gypsy jazz/folk/ Anthem about our planet.