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Bodymind Ease
  • Artist: Various Artists
  • UPC: 884501481540
  • Item #: 148342X
  • Genre: New Age
  • Release Date: 2/22/2011
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Bodymind Ease on CD

In my field (Asian Bodywork Therapy, based on Chinese Medicine), much of our information comes from the ancients, who acknowledged the importance of the inner world; exploring it in meditation and dreams; and reported about it in poetic language that fit their experience. Considering this, I wanted to encourage people to explore their inner wisdom. I began with my clients, by using guided meditations for relaxation. Then, with my students, I opened the lessons on the internal organs with a guided inner journey to the organ. I wanted them to access their inner wisdom before they got sidetracked by books. Even students who had little or no knowledge of Chinese Medicine or Western anatomy and physiology brought back gems from these internal dialogues that illustrated functions of the organs that the students didn't know they knew. Clients and students began to ask for versions of the meditations and guided imagery to take home, so I did some preliminary recordings, but they needed background music. I also knew, from my early attempts, that I would need to use a recording studio for the sound to be acceptable. One day, Maureena Spadaro, Harp Therapist and long-time friend, walked into one of my workshops. When I described the project to her, she told me that she and her husband Fran, also an accomplished and talented musician, had just constructed their own sound studio. Because both have been involved in music as healing, they were excited about the project. I recorded the words for the meditation and then Fran and Maureena magically made the meditation into music that flows around and through it. The music then continues to create a second, music-only track which can be played on it's own. Our collaboration has been a joy and a blessing. May it spill over to reach those who listen and bring benefit to all our relations.