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  • Hasbro Collectibles - Marvel Legends Retro 3.75" Iron Man

    • Brand: Hasbro
    • Release Date: 6/8/2022
    • Features: Action Figure, Collectible
    • DESCRIPTION::A genius mind and suit of armor make Tony Stark a real charmer, stopping villains where they land as the invincible Iron Man! |With over 80 years of entertainment history, Marvel has... more
    Price: $12.79
  • Hasbro Collectibles - Hasbro Marvel Legends Series 6-inch Tony Stark (A.I.) Figure

    Price: $25.97
  • Hasbro Collectibles - Marvel Legends Iron Man Electronic Helmet

    • Brand: Hasbro
    • Release Date: 10/1/2016
    • Features: Collectible, Costumes / Cosplay
    • DESCRIPTION::For years, Tony Stark has been trouncing evildoers and thwarting nefarious schemes in the guise of the Invincible Iron Man. The ever-evolving high-tech armor, in combination with Starks... more
    List Price: $131.99
    Price: $114.85
    You Save: $17.14 (13%)
  • Hasbro Collectibles - Marvel Legends Retro 3.75" Stealth Suit Iron Man

    Price: $11.53