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Destination Lonely Street: 32 Tearjerkers For My Shadow, My Echo And  Me (Various Artists)
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Destination Lonely Street: 32 Tearjerkers For My Shadow, My Echo And Me (Various Artists) on CD

-The latest release in our 'Destination' theme series on CD: Songs about loneliness, desperation, strokes of fate - but also about hope and dreams. -Songwriters and musicians have at all times described tragic experiences, defeats and setbacks, abandonment and loneliness in their songs. -Currently, the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting temporary social lockdown brings the life situation of many lonely people into focus. -With a lot of empathy, Nico Feuerbach has compiled appropriate titles from the genres of Rock & Roll, Country and Rhythm & Blues. -In addition to a few well-known classics by, for example, Dale Hawkins, Sanford Clark and Conway Twitty, the CD contains many little-known recordings. -The title song Lonely Street is available in the original version by Carl Belew as well as in the better known one by the great Gene Vincent. -Edge-filled album with brief biographies and illustrations of each artist! Pandemic reveals the often sorrowful living situation of many people. Lack of empathy on the part of fellow human beings and society in general increases feelings of loneliness and despair. Not only seniors in care facilities who cannot receive visits from relatives are affected. Loneliness threatens the lives of many people - and not just since today. For as long as there have been musical recordings, we have known songs about the strong, negative feelings that move us and define our lives. Early blues recordings or old timey music often have loneliness, desperation, the blows of fate - but also hope and dreams as their theme. Tragic experiences such as abandonment, defeats and setbacks, death and loneliness have been made the theme by writers and musicians at all times. Bear Family's producer Nico Feuerbach has dealt with the topic and sensitively compiled a collection of songs on the subject. His concept is not limited to a random stringing together of best known recordings on this topic.

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